Remove Apple ID from Macbook Pro and replace with another.

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Remove Apple ID from Macbook Pro and replace with another.

Our office inherited a Macbook Pro with Apple ID active and enabled, I have been able to access this ID and update OS to OS X (10.10)

How do I:

1. Delete Apple ID from MacBook - still allow previous Macbook owner to use current Apple ID on other devices.

2. Add new Apple ID which I will populate with new email and password credentials.

I certainly don't want to mess up previous owner's Apple ID access.
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You have to wipe the computer and start from scratch, creating a new AppleID when you install the new OS:
Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems Specialist
You can do this via the AppStore application.

The current account is shown under View my Account (email address)...
Click on the Store menu, select Sign Out to logout of current application.

Then click on either Create Account or Sign In to login with a new account.

Please note that any additional apps installed via the old account will need to be removed and re-downloaded or purchased under your new account. Old installed apps might not be updatable using your new account. To check purchased apps see View my Account and select Purchased tab.

If using iTunes, you will need to sign out of that and sign in with the new account as well.
Peter, I think even if you do that, it will ask for the original AppleID every time you need to update the OS. The only way around that is to wipe  and re-install.
Senior Network Systems Specialist
Yes, that is true. If you don't have the original OS install files you can boot into recovery mode and select option to install OS over the internet
MARSPATHRetired EE/Computers/IT


Wow! I had no idea this would be such a task! Fortunately there is no data I need to save, no I'm good to go with OS X recovery mode. Thanks!

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