Anyway to capture error/notice output from call_user_func_array

I am using altorouter:

Anytime there's any sort of notice of error, the output is blank...

I have tried everything:



Even putting the same within the function that call_user_func_array is calling...

Nothing is showing up in the logs or anywhere however any errors/notices outside of the call show up fine

Please advise, thanks
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Ray PaseurCommented:
The function call is inside a conditional statement.  Are you able to test and see if the function is being called at all?  Maybe add var_dump($match) to see what the variable contains.
MarkProgrammerAuthor Commented:
It is being called ...  here is the function

$router->map( 'GET|POST', '/g/contact/[i:id]/', function($i) { load_backend_page('contact', $i); });

function load_backend_page($page,$view='',$action='') {
	global $f;

	$GLOBALS['page'] = $page;
	$GLOBALS['view'] = $view;
	$GLOBALS['action'] = $action;

	if(!isset($_GET['ajax'])) require('views/backend/header.php');
	if(!isset($_GET['ajax'])) require('views/backend/footer.php');


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MarkProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The code I am using to call... It works fine however if ever an error or notice is thrown (from when I'm adding new code, etc.), I get completely blank output.

$match = $router->match();

if( $match && is_callable( $match['target'] ) ) {
	call_user_func_array( $match['target'], $match['params'] );
else require('views/general/404.php');

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Are you using this inside some kind of a framework?  The white screen of death is a symptom of deliberately suppressing error output, something that might make sense in a deployed application but something that never makes sense in a test and development environment.  Nevertheless, some frameworks (foolishly) try to limit error display.
MarkProgrammerAuthor Commented:
No, I am building an app to be used on Google App Engine using my own framework. I am using their development tools (contains Web server, PHP, etc.) before deploying the application.
MarkProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I am only getting blank output when an error/notice is thrown from within code executed within call_user_func_array .. any other time; it shows up as expected.
Ray PaseurCommented:
You may want to check the man page carefully -- including the user-contributed notes.  This whole design (PHP's design, not your design) sounds flaky.
MarkProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Well, are there any other options you can suggest to do the same ... altorouter seems very simple but I cannot have blank pages...
Ray PaseurCommented:
Similar routing (RESTful design) is part of the Laravel engine.  Might be worth a look.
Ray PaseurCommented:
But that said, PHP call_user_func_array() is widely used - there may just be something quirky about altorouter's use of it.  There are release-dependent notes in the man pages.  My sense is that careful testing of the inputs to call_user_func_array() may uncover what's going wrong.

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MarkProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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