Skip insert in SQL if duplicate exists.

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I want to skip or ignore an insert if the values already exist in the table. Below is the SQL I am trying to use but it doesn't seem to work. Can someone assist? I am filling in the values, but they are normally entered by variables in my application and this query is in a loop... that's why I want to ignore if a duplicate exists. Thank you.

            WHERE hello
            NOT IN      (SELECT [ID], [hello]
                         FROM myTable
                         WHERE ID = 5
                         AND AccessID = hello
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<air code>  If you're inserting static values, you can use EXISTS to determine if the row exists, and insert if it is not.
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT SELECT ID, hello FROM myTable WHERE ID = 5 AND AccessID = 'hello') 
   INSERT INTO myTable (ID, theName, Auth, LastModifiedBy) 
   VALUES (5 ,'hello' ,'yes' ,'bob')      

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Scott PletcherSenior DBA
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            SELECT ID, AccessID, Auth, LastModifiedBy
            FROM (
                  SELECT 5 AS ID
                  ,'hello' AS AccessID
                  ,'yes' AS Auth
                  ,'bob' AS LastModifiedBy
            ) AS new_data
            WHERE NOT EXISTS (
                SELECT 1
                FROM myTable mt
                    mt.ID = new_data.ID AND
                    mt.theName = new_data.AccessID )

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