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DC fix/troubshoot or abandon?


So have a single forest one domain six DC, each hold the GC role, while the FSMO roles are not held b the one DC at the site(each have their own DNS server) that is being dismantled and has the DC that won't rep and seems in a bad state now.
All server 2008 r2, 2003 domain func level, bad dc had last good replication on 04012015 so not quite at 180 days tombstone.   Note: DS event log errors are 1481 and 1168  (8341 and 58 reported by repadmin /replsummary)

Issue is due to/after a major power outage I'm guessing that happened at the loc and things went bad.

AD isn't replicating and errors all points to corrupt jet ad db. Tried all things D2 reset and symantic database analysis and offline defrag.  The defrag results in database jet error... " -1018 jet_errReadVerifyFailure,checksum error " and doesn't complete/fix.   DNS isn't working b/c it's saying relying on AD and that's not working "...make sure AD is working/online/healthy..."...paraphrased.

So this loc physically is closed.  Only one server with a small app to move to main loc and then I'm thinking one of the following:

1. Attempt to restore SS if can find one prior to April 1st for that domain controller?
2. Forcefully demote and then clean up active directory using Ntdsutil etc... ?
3. call Microsoft and have them assist getting db back to healthy state and then demoting gracefully as the plan was since loc is shut down?

Which would you do or which ones would you prioritize(what order) doing if not thinking option two is the best course at this stage and due to the loc not being needed.  The one server is no big issue to move virtually. Of course integrity of my forest and ad with other four locs and it's health is mandatory.
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1 - did not abandon this and "requests for attention" (additional) response(or lack there of) and actions ridiculous.
Accepted one response, which I came to same conclusion on my own after some further thought/due diligence. Thank you.