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2012 R2 RemoteApp RDP server won't run user logon batch scripts in GPO properly and worked perfectly in same OU with 2008 servers.

I have set up a 2012 R2 servers to function as a remoteapp RDS farm.  We have GPOs that run a batch file on logon to copy the User's outlook signatures from central location on network to the profile on the RDP server using robocopy.  These scripts are not working.  

I know the scripts are running because if I put a pause in them the RDP logon hangs(because of the pause).   I also have the GPO setting to disable the logon script delay and i know that is working because of the pause.

However I just cannot get the scripts themselves to function in remoteapp and I can't see what is happening or any errors because they run invisible.  They run when launched manually within the RDP session but not in the GPO logon script.  Any way to troubleshoot this?  This worked perfectly with 2008 RDP servers in the same OU.  The GPOs are somehow behaving differently in 2012 R2.  I also tried disabling UAC.  NOthing in the scripts requires admin rights.  It is just running robocopy and writing to a text file and the users have permissions to all locations.

What is different about 2012 R2 with logon script batch files from 2008?  How do I get this working or figure out what happening during the running of these scripts?
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