MacBook and iPhone data sync

Hi Experts - multiple questions on this post i'm afraid. Please let me know if you wish me to post separate questions

We have a client with 2 x Macbook's and 2 x iphone 6. iCloud account created and has 200Gb allocated to it. his music and pictures together come to 100Gb
Both phones are 128Gb models and then 12" Macbook are both SSD 500Gb. All patched and latest iOS and OSX

Different data on each device. When I mean data I mean
a) tunes purchased on iTunes
b) music converted to MP3 and saved on iPhone data but not present on 12" MacBook
c) pictures on various devices in either Camera Roll or in "My Photo Stream"

Technical issues i'm facing
i) I don't understand the difference between "Camera Roll" or "My Photo Stream". Certain pictures on one phone, certain pictures on the other phone and wish for all to be synced across all 4 devices and kept the same. If he delete's one photo off one device (phone or macbook) then others should follow suit.

ii) client has 50Gb worth of music in MP3 format on one of the phones and I cannot import it into iTunes on both laptops. Also how would i transfer same 50Gb tunes to the other iphone and Keep them in sync

email syncing is fine and i have copied the same word, excel and PDF he had on one laptop the other.

iPad is not in this equation. Just two iPhone 6s and two 12" Macbooks.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice

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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
the only difference I am aware of between CAMERA ROLL and PHOTO STREAM is that anything that is on PHOTO STREAM is on iCLOUD ACCOUNT while the other is on phone locally.

info here >>>

With regards to copy, I might be ambiguous as its been a while since I did this but in order to move data from one phone to another, you will have to sync it with a computer of some kind and then re-syn the new phone with that device which will sync the data to the other.

Others may add.

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David AndersTechnician Commented:
Two Apple IDs?  or a single shared Apple ID?  Music purchased under a single Apple ID? Or music from CDs?
Family Sharing may help sort it out.

How to Set Up Family Sharing in iOS 8,2817,2468861,00.asp
RobKanjAuthor Commented:
Thank you Kash
thanks for the explanation on CAMERA ROLL and PHOTO STREAM.

Thank you David
Same single Apple ID on all 4 devices. music is an mixture of purchased under the one ID or converted from CD's. I will look at Family sharing and feedback.

David AndersTechnician Commented:
I have not tried this...

The first thing you need to do (FOR MAC ONLY) is to go here and download this free program (trust me, I'm usually hesitant on downloading stuff, but this program is a life saver!). The download took a total of maybe 10 seconds... user friendly and extremely simple program, as you'll soon find out.
Once you've successfully installed DeTune, run the program! Once you connect your device, it will automatically show what device is connected. You're ready...
Step One: Connect your iPhone to your laptop (USB) - ignore iTunes if it opens, but CANCEL any sync that may occur (if it doesn't; even better!)
Step Two: In DeTune, it should automatically recognize your device (iPhone) and show all of the data in an iTunes-style display. On the left-hand side, you'll see tabs for Music, Podcasts, etc. (JUST LIKE iTUNES)
Step Three: THIS STEP IS NOT NECESSARY, but I highly recommend it to keep all of your stuff organized: Create a new folder on your desktop (title it whatever, I used "iPhone Transfers")
Step Four: In DeTune, select everything you want to transfer. DRAG AND DROP it into the folder you made on your desktop... wait for the copying to complete.
Step Five: Stare at the screen in complete awe and amazement as all of your music is now comfortably sitting on your desktop waiting to be imported into your iTunes music library!
My files were in m4a format, so you may not be able to simply drag and drop. Import them into iTunes via FILE ---> ADD TO LIBRARY, then select the files.... Don't know why you can't just drag and drop, but that works just the same.

IF the music is on one Macbook, the music is in this folder  USER>Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Music
SHOULD be backed up in three places...
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