PHPExcel UTF-8

Hi Experts,

How can I specify PHPExcel to use UTF-8?

Using PHPExcel I am trying to add chart, but as soon as I do I get "unreadable content" in Excel. With research I have found this Link.  To test this theory, I found that my generated file with PHPExcel and the Chart that open without issue on my iPad, but not on my Windows 7 x64 / Excel 2010.

How can I fix this issue?
APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAsked:
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If the data that you are "passing/feeding" to PHPExcel is hard-coded in your php file, then most likely your php file is not encoded in UTF-8.  So try converting your file to UTF-8 first.  If your editor does not have a conversion feature, try downloading and installing Notepad++.  Open your source php file, and click on "Encoding > Convert to UTF-8 without BOM" and then save the file. Re-upload to the server and try again.

If the data that you are feeding onto PHPExcel originates from a database, then find out if the data is stored in UTF-8 already.  If so, then when you make the connection, make sure you specify the connection encoding as utf-8.

If the data is not stored as utf-8, try to do the conversion by using CAST() at the time of doing the query:

OR within php, try using mb_convert_encoding():

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APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
In Notepad++ I checked, all m .php files are in UTF-8 without BOM

In phpMyAdmin, I see that all tables are utf8_general_ci

Does this cover your suggestions from above?

I thought this is a PHPExcel Setting, or something to do with the fact that I copying an existing file, opening the copied file, modifying it, then re-saving it?
Ray PaseurCommented:
Check "UTF-8 in Microsoft Applications" in this article.  Microsoft is particularly unhelpful in this regard.
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APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
How would I adapt this in PHPExcel - my scenario above?
Ray PaseurCommented:
It looks like you're swimming upstream to try using UTF-8 data with Microsoft applications.  You might want to ask "why do I need UTF-8?" and see if there is a way you can get get the job done without using UTF-8, perhaps by using a different encoding, then converting to UTF-8 only when required.  As noted, Microsoft is unhelpful, and the Stack reference is years old with little information.  What are the UTF-8 characters you need that cannot be represented in ISO-8859-1 or CP-1252?
APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
It has nothing to do with characters. This issue originated when I created a chart in PHPExcel and as soon as I  added the following line I got unreadable content within Excel.


Within PHP I get no errors, and the file is created, but when I open the file in Excel 2010 under Windows 7 I get the above error and no chart.

When I open the same file on a MAC, there is no error and the chart is visible. The stack article suggesting UTF-8, and I also don't understand why, but I am just looking for a way to make the file work in Excel2010/Windows 7.
Ray PaseurCommented:
So you don't need PHPExcel to use UTF-8?  

Suggest you close this question and post a new one that says what you need.  I think if we have the original input data and a good picture of the desired output we might be able to suggest some good answers.  I thought this was about UTF-8, but maybe I was misunderstanding the problem.
APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
But the stack solution was UTF8
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