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Ok, so I have a clue but not enough focus to find the final answer here.  So . . . .

I have a query that goes something like:
select ResultName
 from MyDB
 where name like 'xyz%'

In the above, there could be 1 result or there could be 20 based on when I run the query.

I need a loop that will allow me to run a query such as:

select * into #tempResults
from (
  select 'ResultName', OtherItem
  from ResultName

I need this to run and insert into a temp table one time for each result of the first query.

My apologies in advance for the messy way I presented this.  I'm pretty sure I can adapt once I get an example.  I'm using DB2 for i series, but I'm sure I could adapt it from MS SQL or anything similar.

Thanks for your assistance!
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RayData AnalystAsked:
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Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
select ResultName
into #tempResults
from MyDB
 where name like 'xyz%'

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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi Ray,

What do you want to do with the results?  For most uses you should be able to structure a query so that the number of results is irrelevant.

For the unusual case where you do need to manage the data one row at a time a cursor will do fine.

RayData AnalystAuthor Commented:
KDO - The results of the first query are only to get session/table names to be used in the second query.  So I will need to run a query that takes results from q1.result1 query into a temp, then q1.result2 query into the same temp and so on until each session/table from the original query has been run in the secondary query (resultX).

eghtebas - that is simply inserting into a temp table, that part I have figured out.  I need help with the LOOP part so I can run the query INTO the temp table one time for each result from another query.
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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Perhaps something like this:

DECLARE c1 CURSOR FOR SELECT name FROM mytable WHERE {condition};
DECLARE statement VARCHAR(500:

  FETCH C1 INTO vname;
  SET statement = 'INSERT INTO TEMP SELECT * FROM ' || vname;

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Dave FordSoftware Developer / Database AdministratorCommented:
Personally, I would do it in a stored procedure ... a little something like this. HTH!

CREATE PROCEDURE MySchema.CountEm (IN p_startsWith VARCHAR(10))
set option dbgview = *source


  DECLARE v_notfound INT;
  DECLARE v_tablename VARCHAR(100);
  DECLARE v_schemaname VARCHAR(10);
  DECLARE v_sql CHAR(256);

    select TABLE_SCHEMA,
      from qsys2.systables
     where table_schema = 'SomeSchema'
       and table_name like p_startsWith || '%';

    SET v_notfound = 1;

  DELETE from MySchema.TableCount with nc;

  SET v_notfound = 0;
  OPEN c_tables;
  FETCH c_tables INTO v_schemaName, v_tableName;  
  WHILE v_notfound = 0 DO

    SET v_sql =
      'INSERT INTO MySchema.TableCount  select ''' ||
      v_tablename || 
      ''', count(*) ' ||
      'FROM ' ||
      v_schemaname || '.' || v_tablename;

    PREPARE v_statement FROM v_sql;
    EXECUTE v_statement;

    FETCH c_tables INTO v_schemaName, v_tableName;
  CLOSE c_tables;


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RayData AnalystAuthor Commented:
Dave, I don't have the privileges to add an SP :-(

Kdo, I'll try in the morning.

Any other posts I'll look at them as well.

Thanks you everyone for your efforts so far !!
Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi Ray,

The code that I posted was basically the core that would have to be put into a stored procedure.  Dave offered the complete code.

Can you live with generating the SQL in one query and running it in a second?  It would probably require some manual intervention to copy/past the results of the first query (which generates the SQL) or writing the results to a file and executing the file.

If so, the entire thing reduces to
SELECT 'INSERT INTO temp SELECT * FROM ' || name ||';' FROM mytable;

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The output of that query will be the INSERT statements that will need to be run.

RayData AnalystAuthor Commented:
So while I was trying to figure this out, I also went down a path of letting Excel build my queries that it would eventually run and get results from anyway.  I've included a link to the problem I ran into there and how it was solved.  Thus, solving this problem.

You guys let me know how you feel points should be distributed as I didn't really use any of these ultimately, but this information did lead me down the path I eventually took (especially KDO's last comment inspired me).


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RayData AnalystAuthor Commented:
splitting the points between the two most helpful and that pushed me towards my final resolution.
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