Remove Apple ID from Macbook Pro and replace with another - not yet solved

I asked this question (Original question: below) previously and spent several hours reinstalling (or so I thought) OS X 10.10 following the procedures in the link below (How to reinstall Mac OS X: How to access OS X Recovery mode - downloading and reinstalling OS X) - getting back to the same point with the same problem, Apple ID from the previous owner cannot be eliminated from the update process. As far as I can tell, I am back where I started long ago!

Again, I want to use a new Apple ID to install OS X and iWork updates to the OS. I am willing to reformat the disc or whatever is necessary to get the laptop to accepting a new (of my choosing) Apple ID for updating, etc. I have backed up all programs (.dmg) and data necessary to rebuild the system without purchasing new OS X 10.10. I really need help here!

Original question:

Our office inherited a Macbook Pro with Apple ID active and enabled, I have been able to access this ID and update OS to OS X (10.10)

How do I:

Delete Apple ID from MacBook - still allow previous Macbook owner to use current Apple ID on other devices.
2. Add new Apple ID which I will populate with new email and password credentials.

I certainly don't want to mess up previous owner's Apple ID access.
MARSPATHRetired EE/Computers/ITAsked:
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You have to reformat the disk before re-installing the OS.

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MARSPATHRetired EE/Computers/ITAuthor Commented:
I read this means creating HD partition & installing OS X there. Disc utility shows ample disc space, esp. After resizing OS partition. Am I on right track? As I need tools to do anything, I need current OS partition - yes?

What happens after OS installed on new partition?  How to access, etc.?

Suggested web site for details?
Boot holding down Command-R. Choose Disk Utility and erase and reformat the drive a Apple Extended Format (Journalled). Then continue to install the OS on the newly formatted drive.  At the end of the installation process, the computer should reboot into the new OS and ask you to create an Apple ID.
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Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
You don't really have to fully erase the laptop to get rid of the AppleID. Sure, the OS *may* be tied to that ID, but it's not required to update it, so that's really a difference without a distinction.

All you really have to do is open the App Store app and sign out of the old AppleID. Then you'll want to delete any apps that have been downloaded by the App Store (like Pages, Keynote, iMovie, etc) that you see in the Purchases tab.

Then sign back into the new AppleID and re-download any apps that you need, as attached to the new ID.

PS: there are other places the old AppleID could still be tied to this computer: iCloud, Messages, FaceTime, Accounts, etc... but those are obvious.
MARSPATHRetired EE/Computers/ITAuthor Commented:
As I was already deep in the process of reinstalling the OS, it was too late to use Justin Bradshaw's Expert Comment.

With OS X 10.10.5 installed I find that earlier versions of iWork Apps will not work with this OS version. App Store says I must purchase iWorks.

Is there a way to get no-cost upgrade?
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
When you buy a new Mac, it comes with a  copy of Pages, Keynote and Numbers (what used to be called "iWork")... and when you activate an AppleID on that new computer it assigns those licenses to that ID. At that point, you can use them on any computer you own.
MARSPATHRetired EE/Computers/ITAuthor Commented:
Having successfully updated MacBook Pro to OS X 10.10.5, Reinstalled MS Office 2011 and copied iWork files etc. from another office MacMini, I am up and running as I planned.

My sincere thanks to all who helped with this major upgrade. I learned a lot!
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