vmWare 5.5 missing DataStores, but as Device visible!?

Environment:  3 HP DL380 G8 Host, SAS attached Storage HP P2000
Host on ESX 5.1,  vCenter 5.5

Upgrade of one Host to ESX 5.5 (more precise we replaced the USB Boot Stick with new installation von 5.5 an connected it in vCenter

The most DataStore are in  vSphere Client (and vSphere Web Client ) after the boot and registration visible, we could start the vms.
but 4 DataStores arn't visible. We can see them as LUN Storage Device and access.  In the vCenter DataStore view the missing DataStores are visible, but in the detail view the parameter Hosts is 1 ... not 3 as on the other datastores!
The DataStores that are'n visible are the last ones we build on the system, with 5.1.

How to make this accessable for the Hosts on 5.5
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
So, if you look at Storage Adaptors, you can see ALL the LUNs ?

But you cannot see the datadstores?

Do you have access to the console or remote via SSH ?
perolinAuthor Commented:
Answers to Hancock

So, if you look at Storage Adaptors, you can see ALL the LUNs ?
--> Yes all LUNs are visible

But you cannot see the datadstores?
--> yes

Do you have access to the console or remote via SSH ?
--> yes, and in the path  /vmfs/volumes     ls   i can see the logical name of the missing datastore and with cd MissingDatastore i get the right folder
perolinAuthor Commented:
Here two more screenshots to visualize my problem
View of datastores for esx2 ver. 5.5  and esx3  ver 5.1
All datastores called vdxx are in the same SAS Storage, and bevor installing 5.5 it was working for 2 years
The datastores vd03_v071, vd03_v072,vd03_v071, vd22_v012  are not visible on the 5.5 host.
If I migrate the vms that use this DS to esx3, it works fine.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
okay, can you execute the following commands

esxcfg-volume -l

this will show output similar to the following

~ # esxcfg-volume -l
VMFS3 UUID/label: 4cc89503-f054d0d4-2865-00221958e471/nas3-vmfs
Can mount: Yes
Can resignature: No (the volume is being actively used)
Extent name: naa.600140588e9bab7d2b7ed4b53dadc1de:1     range: 0 - 1048319 (MB)

and then try
esxcfg-volume -m 4cc89503-f054d0d4-2865-00221958e471


esxcfg-volume -m nas3-vmfs
perolinAuthor Commented:
in between I found the solution.

I installed a HP ESX 5.5 Image, but HP decided to exclude the drivers for P2000 Storage!
It is strange, that some DataStore are mounted and some not.
The vmWare Log Error was something with AST Problems.

Install the hp_vaaip_p2000_210 driver and it works fine.  

Download Driver from HP hp_vaaip_p2000_210.zip   (this days hard to fined, because of HP reorg of hp and hpe!!!
unzip and load to a ESX storage, install it with SSH Session
esxcli software vib install -d /hp_driver/hp_vaaip_p2000_offline-bundle-210.zip

Open in new window

Forum with same Problem:
hp forum or at vmWare
perolinAuthor Commented:
More News.  
We installed a new Proliant DL380 G9 with ESX 5.5, HP Custom Image. Everything ok. After some minor settings on the ESX we reboot the host. Some of the DataStores on the HP P2000 are not visible, so we installed the driver hp_vaaip_p2000 and reboot the host again.
What a surprise – the ESX hangs in the boot sequence before starting services!
There is another solution at HP Sites. Upgrade the Firmware on P2000 to 251. But! Before Upgrading the P2000 on all hosts the hp_vaaip driver has to be disabled! Remember on HP ESX Images 5.0 and 5.1 this driver is by default installed!
1.      Goto ESX 5.1 Host and remove the Datastore (after you migrate Files to other Datastore).
2.      Goto  ESX 5.5 and create Datastore on same LUN

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perolinAuthor Commented:
It works on several Hosts
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