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Is it possible to store User Profile Disk (vhdx) files of an RDS 2012 collection in a subfolder of a share instead of the share itself?

We have several RDS collections and want to store the UPDs of these collections in subfolders in the same share instead of setting up a share for every collection:

So i want to do use these paths for UDP


instead of


Anyone experience with this setup?
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I do you one even better. I use a DFS path for all of my collections. \\\dfs\profiles\rdscollection1, where \\\dfs\profiles\rdscollection1 points to \\serverb\profiles$\rdscollection1.

So, long story short you can put UPD into a subfolder under a share. If you use DFS namespace, you can abstract the path to the files from the actual server that hosts them, meaning that you can move them to another server/share later without needing to reconfigure anything in RDS.
I'd like some clarification on how you've implemented a DFS path - whenever I've tried to enter a DFS namespace/path for the UPD location I get an error returned -

Could not create the template VHD.  The network location {DFS path} is not available.

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