Help With Overheating Toshiba Satellite S55D-A5383

Hi all. A co-worker asked me to look at their kid's laptop.
The model number is posted in the title.
When I run Speccy, I can see the CPU temp is 100+ degrees Celsius.
This is clearly causing the computer to slow to a crawl and power off at points.
The other temps are fine.
I noticed the (only) fan would only spin for a second when powering up and that was it.
I thought it was dust that was causing the issue.  I cleaned it out and it didn't help.
I then replaced the entire fan/heatsink and reapplied thermal compound but it's still not helping.
I checked the (limited) BIOS settings but can't find anything out of the ordinary.
I'm now at a complete loss as to what's causing the issue and how to resolve it.
It's a decent laptop and it'd be very unfortunate to say it should be tossed in the trash.
Why isn't the fan working?
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Oolder Toshibas were prone to overheating.
You might try an app like SpeedFan 4.51 to get it to run faster and more often.  It has a check box for automatic Fan Speed when it starts up.  My five year old notebook also runs hot see pic below:
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
It looks like it came out in October of 2013. Not really what I would consider "old".
I'll try the speedfan program and report back.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
Hmmm.  Why am I seeing different temperatures between the 2 programs?  That's a bit confusing...
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Speccy probably gives you the wrong results. Is it up to date? In order to read the temps properly, your software needs to be compatible with the hardware and sensor of the PC. If the software isn't compatible it'll show you incorrect results. Updates usually account for new hardware and chipsets.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
It's the newest version from their website.
Then it isn't yet compatible with your hardware.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
So to summarize:
- Speccy is giving false readings.
- Speedfan is giving accurate readings.
Then the laptop isn't overheating?

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you can determine that easily, by feeling on or near the CPU after it has been running for a couple of minutes
you are sure to feel the difference between 41 and 90° C

go into power options, and choose the max prestations instead of power save mode (balanced)
then check if the fan runs constantly
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
I don't think the laptop was overheating.  Maybe it was originally but after reapplying the thermal compound and replacing the fan, I think it's fine.
It's an AMD quad core CPU so I'm expecting it to run hot right off the bat.
It's also got a regular hard drive so I'm expecting it to be slow.
The bottom is warm but not insane. I gave the laptop back to the user and we will see what happens...
did you test for the 45 - 90° C ?
does the fan spin now?
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
It's definitely blowing hot air out the side vent so I take it the fan IS working as it should at this point.
Also ran HeavyLoad for a solid 30-45 minutes and the CPU temp never went over about 60 so I take it everything is OK.
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