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ODBC Administratoron 64Bit OS - Excel Issue

Say, having same issue on Windows 7 64 Bit machine & Server 2008 with Excel 2013 (32Bit Version) installed on both machines. odbcad32.exe file in Windows\system32 is 88.0 KB (90 112 bytes) File Version 6.1.7600.16385
Kindly assist
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The screenshot certainly is not from ODBC Administrator from System32 folder but from SysWOW64, with that amount of drivers. But I could be wrong.
Anyway, 32bit drivers need to be defined in SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe, and 64bit ones in System32\odbcad32.exe. The ODBC Administrator you start via Start Menu is 64bit.
BTW, what is your issue? You didn't tell.
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The ODBC Manager would not let me configure Excel ODBC - suspect this is why getting the issue below:

See attached issue - I'm trying to link to excel file in Groupmail 6
BTW getting same issue on Windows 7 32Bit installation
I cannot see where you called that config dialog in. Did you assign a Excel file directly in the DSN config?
I've just tried using both a DSN with XLS file pre-configured and without on W7 x64 with Excel 2010 x86, and were able to import data via the OLE DB => ODBC DSN bridge without issues and additional setup steps.
I get this error if run file called System32\odbcad32.exe
and try configure the Excel DSN - its preconfigured.
A subsequent error is component not found in registry
I don't believe you get the same issue on W7 x86. Either it is an issue with 64bit and 32bit architecture mixed up, or the driver is corrupt. That hardly can be the same on two different, arbitrary systems. And the dialog does not at all look like the ODBC Administrator dialog.
I've managed to connect to Excel with File DSN but only show 2003 file format - is there driver for 2013 xlsx format?
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With this installed. On Win64 OS C:\Windows\SysWOW64 odbcad32.exe allows Excell Driver to now work
Options are
Excel 12.0
Excel 2000

Does 12.0 support xlxs files?
Yes, it should be the "Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)" as listed.