What database to use for an App

I am working on a app that will need to access and edit some kind of database.
My first thought is core data and SQLite but I am concerned about the limits of SQLite.  From there I only know SQL, are there other good options?  FileMaker? How is SQL accessed by an IOS app, web services?  Security concerns?
Database hosting?  I can run SQL and SQLite on my servers but due to crappy internet I would need to host the live database elsewhere.

General user info:
1 to 5000+ users
All users could be accessing the same data at the same time (some edit, others just view).
Users are not all from the same company.  So some of the tables will be common to all users and other tables will be accessible by one group of users only (users within each company).  
Simplified version - Table #1 is a global contacts table, table #2 is a list of clients, table #3 is a list of computer assists within each company.
So, table #1 is a global access table accessible by everyone with the app and table #2 is global access but with a filter on who can access what and table #3 is unique for each company and only accessibly by that company.

I want to be sure to build the app for growth, and I can see this app being used by a lot of users.  So I want to be sure I select the correct database up front.  I will also need to convert the app to be used on smart devices other than IOS and have a PC and a MAC interface.

Kind of a open ended question, but I need to start somewhere :)
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Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Take a look on these documents from official SQLite website:

I think this should help you to understand if SQLite is a good option for your application.

Anyway, if you are intending to use a central database hosted on the cloud, you'll need to build an API, which renders the decision on which database to use almost pointless: it should be better use whatever is the database provided by your cloud host, as your application will only know the API interface.
BojikAuthor Commented:
So based on this http://www.sqlite.org/whentouse.html
I will need to use a client\Server database.
Is SQL my only option?  Or my best option?
Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
No, it is not your only option: you could use MySQLas well, or PostgreSQL. That will depend on what will be available on your host. I think that MS SQL Server is better than the others that I have cited. The one I consider the best database is Oracle, but is very difficult to have it available in a host for apps.
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BojikAuthor Commented:
Host has SQL and SQLite only.
I have no experience with Oracle, is it worth taking a look at?  I would not be against moving this site and database to a host with Oracle if it was better suited for what I am doing than SQL.
Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Oracle is the best relational database, but MS SQL Server is also really great. Both would serve for your purposes. SQLite would also be a good choice, but it is usually used when the database will stay on the device (smartphone, arduino, etc...).

So, your app will be a WEB app, hosted on cloud or it will be a mobile app for smartphones?
You have planned already how to deal with the architecture? Are you going to use MVC, will create a WEB API, etc...?

Bottom line: if you are between SQL Server and SQLite, go with SQL Server.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
I'm a SQL Server specialist but there are a lot of good solutions using MySQL. The main reason is because is free, I guess.
SQL Server Express is a free edition of MSSQL but have a lot of limitations (1CPU, 10GB database size, few available features, ...) so my suggestion is you to check MySQL if price is an issue.

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BojikAuthor Commented:
Ok, SQL server it is, thx
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