Connecting to shares with wrong username

I was asked about an issue a user has last night.  He has both a user and an admin account.    He is logged onto his computer with his user account, is connected to our domain and has access to the network.   If he connects to a share on server 1 he has no problem.   However if he tries to connect to a share on server 2 he is prompted for his administrator password.    The print queues on the same  Server show as offline on his computer.  

This just started late yesterday.  He is running WIndows 7 64 bit and the server he is having issues with is running Windows Server 2008std.  

It is only this one server which seems to be a problem ,  no one else is having issues and there are no errors in the event log in either application or System on the server.

I have verified his IP address and it is a valid address acquired from our DHCP server.   He has rebooted and shutdown his computer and powered it back on.  

I am leaning towards a profile issue but I would prefer not to have to recreate it.
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Try taking out of the server2 share and add him back.

Has he had a recent password change?

Are Servers 1 and 2 talking to each other?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am leaning towards a profile issue but I would prefer not to have to recreate it.

Try the following first:

Connect as admin and delete ALL mappings:  NET USE Z: /Delete for all Z
Log off and connect as user and delete ALL mappings:  NET USE T: /Delete for all T

Shut down completely and then start up and login as user (not admin).

Map folders from the user and only disconnect with this user. Do not mix user names for connect and disconnect. Is this working better now?
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
On server 2, check his account. Was he added or removed recently from the group that has access to that share?
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:
I agree d_vante. It sounds like a caching issue due to a password change.
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
his password was changed two days ago.  However he is logged into his computer with his user account but when he opens one of the standard mapped drives it prompts him for his admin account password.  A separate account.

He was not added or removed from any groups recently
is his admin account expired?
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
No his admin account is active.  It shouldn't matter either way.   He is not connecting with his admin account but from his user account.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try deleting and recreating shares to eliminate persistence (accommodate persistence) and see if that helps.
Try going to Control Panle -> User Accts -> Manage your credentials
See if he has saved his login there, if so, delete it

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qvfpsAuthor Commented:
Credential Manager is not used.    

I had him run a bat file on his computer which deleted all the shares then attempted to re-add them.  It failed on the first add prompting for a username.   He then cancelled the script and reboot his computer.   After he logged back on he was again prompted for his Admin password when he tried to access one of the shares even though he logged onto his computer with his standard user account.
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
I take it back.  I just checked credential manager and he has an entry for the server.  It was created just a short time ago.  He will be away from his desk for for awhile but I will check with him when he gets back.

He had assured me he had not connected to the server with anything other than his standard credentials.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make a new, test Windows User Profile (Account) and try it in the new Account. It is beginning to look like a damaged Windows Profile.
qvfpsAuthor Commented:
Once he deleted his credentials from Credential Manager (Windows Vault) he rebooted and was able to connect to the shares again and his printers are back online.    

Thanks for all the suggestions.
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