SBS 2011 Standard: How large is too large for the Exchange database

I have Max setup on a server and recently received alerts that the exchange database has creeped over 30GB. There are 8 users.  I believe the 30GB might have been a default number in Max.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how large is too large? Per user or on an overall basis?  And when a store gets too large how do you resolve that?  Do you tell users to empty their deleted items? Do you have them or you yourself archive older mail? All which interfere with how they work. Does setting the recovery of deleted items to several years negate the emptying of the deleted items folder because the system will save the emails anyway?  Are their maintenance steps you do if not to compress the store, to simply ensure the store is in a good condition.?

Thank you
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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
that depends on your organizational structure.
We have most of our global limit of mailbox quota set to 10GB on 2010 and 24GB on 2013 servers.
If you have space then good.

2010 has a max limit of 50GB as standard but can be changed if required.
If you are concerned, I would educate the users on how to best handle emails and archive etc
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Don't worry about 30GB DB size. I run servers with database size above 2 TB each. There is no hard and fast rule how big DB can grow, until your hardware supports it, you can let it grow. Exchange or mailbox performance depends how much cpu/memory and disk speed is available on your server. Same time, keep item counts per folder on user mailbox is key here. It is not the mailbox size, it is the item count per folder, which generates load on user end and on server end.

Let me know, if you have any further doubt.

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks guys!

Kash, can you comment more on

 I would educate the users on how to best handle emails and archive etc

links to best practices, your advice, etc.?

Amit - item count / folder - how do you monitor it? What's a good number? Bad number?  just tell users to put things in seperate folders when the number gets too big for a certain folder?
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