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Hi I wrote the below code to remove the duplicates from the arraylist.

      public static ArrayList<Integer> noDuplicates(ArrayList<Integer> inputList)
                   HashSet<Integer> inputListToSet = new HashSet<Integer>(inputList);
                   ArrayList<Integer> inputListWithoutDuplicates = new ArrayList<Integer>(inputListToSet);
                   return inputListWithoutDuplicates;

But i want to change this program to work for other numeric classes and generic objects?
what should i change ?

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Check out generic methods:

This will let you modify your code to something like this, where "T" stands for the generic type of the objects, so then this code will work with Integer or Double or whatever.

 public static <T> ArrayList<T> noDuplicates(ArrayList<T> inputList) ...



thanks dpearson :)
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Bear in mind your code will likely reorder the List too unless you use a LinkedHashSet

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