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Change port for terminal servers (2000 and 2003)

We access two of our terminal servers using a public address and port 3389.  Some hackers were trying to get in using that route.  One suggestion I received is to change the port.  I've read how to change it via registry - so I know to back up registry, change setting and reboot.  I also know what the user has to do to modify how they come in (add :xxxx to the IP address).  

How do I choose a port?  I have a list of common ports.  Do I just pick any port that's not on that list (up to 65535)?  

Is there a better way to do this.  We use ASA5505.  

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And are ports on the server level rather than network level?  i.e. Server1 could use port 10000 and Server2 could use 10001 for RDP?  I guess my question really is do I only have to look at the ports being used on the server where I want to change ports, not on the firewall?  I don't want to create any conflicts.  

If I understand correctly, you currently access you servers by:

PublicIP1, port 3389
Public IP2, port 3389?

I'm not really familiar with ASA access rules, but if is possible to redirect any port to any port, you can only change rules. I do work with ISA and TMG and this is easy to set up.

If ASA can not translate ports, then you will have to change ports on server AND ASA.