Cisco WLC 2504 flexconnect issue

Using a cisco wlc 2504 - one ssid over a mix of local APs at HQ and flexconnect aps at branch office, flexconnect local switching enabled, how can I make bonjour/mdns work at HQ?
Bradley BishopAssociate Product DeveloperAsked:
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Craig BeckCommented:
APs at HQ can stay in local mode so bonjour will work there.

At FlexConnect APs you have to use a local bonjour gateway.
Bradley BishopAssociate Product DeveloperAuthor Commented:
The Ap's at HQ are in local mode.

The WLAN having flexconnect local switching enabled is breaking bonjour.

To test, I brought up a second SSID with the only difference being I didn't enable flexconnect local switching and bonjour works there.
Craig BeckCommented:
Flexconnect local switching should only affect an AP in Flexconnect mode.

Anyhow, to solve this you can do the following...


Create 2 AP groups.


Put FlexConnect APs (remote APs) in one group and HQ APs in another.


Create a WLAN for Flexconnect APs with the desired SSID.
Make sure the ID is higher than 16.


Create a WLAN for HQ APs with the desired SSID.
Make sure the ID is higher than 16.  **Important to note that you can create multiple WLANs with the SAME SSID as long as the WLAN Name is different.


Configure the Flexconnect AP group with the Flexconnect WLAN you created.


Configure the HQ AP group with the HQ WLAN you created.


Configure Flexconnect Local Switching on the Flexconnect WLAN and configure Flexconnect as usual.
Bradley BishopAssociate Product DeveloperAuthor Commented:
When i attempted to do what you said i get the following error:

Documentation needs an update to reflect MAX wlans supports on WLC-2504.
WLC-2504 can support MAX = 16 wlans.
You cannot create more than 16 wlans. If you need to then you need to buy either WISM2/5508 WLCs.
Craig BeckCommented:
Apologies, Bradley.  I completely forgot you have a 2504.  That was the whole reason I suggested a bonjour gateway in the first place.

Ignore my last post then.  You can't use separate WLANs with the same SSID on the 2504.

Are all of your bonjour devices on the same subnet at HQ?  If so, put the WLAN on an interface in that subnet.  The local APs will drop clients at the HQ APs onto that subnet/VLAN and bonjour will work.  The remote sites will use their local subnets only.

The problem is that really the 2504 isn't supposed to be used as a Flexconnect WLC - it's more of a branch office WLC itself.  You should use a 5508 for this, then you could achieve what I suggested in my last post.

If you want branch users to see bonjour services hosted at different sites though, that's a whole different story.

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