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Setting up the ability to ssh into a layer 2 switch

Hello Cisco Experts,

This is going to seem like a basic question, but I’m going to ask it any ways.  Let’s say I have the following setup:
•      A layer 3 (Cisco 3560) distribution layer switch.  This switch is named DIST-SW1.
•      DIST-SW1 has two vlans (vlan 10 and vlan 20).
•      The network associated with vlan 10 is /24
•      The network associated with vlan20 is /24
•      Loopback0 on DIST-SW1 has the IP of
•      A layer 2 (Cisco 2960) access layer switch.  This switch in named ACCS-SW1
•      ACCS-SW1 is connected to DIST-SW1 via a trunk
•      All of the ports on ACCS-SW1 are on vlan10
•      Loopback0 on ACCS-SW1 has the IP address of

If I want to ssh into DIST-SW1, I do so using the ip of  I want to be able to SSH into ACCS-SW1 as well.  When I try to ssh to, there is no connection.  When I try to ping, I get no reply.  If I look at the routing table in DIST-SW1, I don’t see a route to get me to  This explains why the ping doesn’t work.  My thought to be able to ssh into ACCS-SW1 is to change the ip of loopback0 to an IP on the network.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lab to test this on right now, so I’m asking.  Is this the right approach?

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Predrag Jovic

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Luke Smith

For DIST-SW1 to see the rest of you would need to have interesting traffic passing through the box, which a virtual interface isn't going to generate that for you. You would need a static route to point to the respective location you want.

I would recommend what Predrag Jovic said and create a management VLAN for your switches and add it to the truck and you should be able to SSH to either device.

Also, you can't have 2 interfaces within the same subnet. If you are using on VLAN10 then you can't put 1 of those 255 IP addresses as a Loopback, the Cisco will spit out an error like this:

% overlaps with Vlan10

Thanks for the info
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