Cisco ASA 5510 “cannot open device” error

I had ASDM access on my 5510 ASA before configuring the device for anyconnect VPN access. After successfully getting the VPN working, I get a "cannot open device" error when attempting to connect into it from my existing ASDM software. When I navigate into the device via the inside interface address, I can get to the page where you can download the ASDM client or run as a java app, but it never lets me connect all the way in, I get a "cannot open device" error. Also odd but potentially unimportant, the ASDM version on the inside interface address shows the wrong version of the ASDM software. This is odd because there's only one image of the ASDM software on the device, and it's not that version.

I'm comparing this to a working 5520 config and I cannot find the issue. Attached is the sanitized config. Any help is appreciated. Either in the form of config modifications or what I can turn on debugging wise to troubleshoot this issue.
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travisryanAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to use Wireshark packet capturing to troubleshoot the communication between my machine/asdm and the firewall but I don't even see SSL packets on the capture. What am I missing here?
travisryanAuthor Commented:
I figured out why the browser was showing 6.2(1). It was cached. But it was cached on both machines I was testing with. Even after running device launcher and the java asdm, I still wasn't able to connect to the device.

I have versioning set up on my firewalls so right now I'm comparing the configs of the 5510 now, the 5510 a month ago, and the 5520. I'll see what I come up with.

On top of all of this, I'm still confused why I didn't see SSL traffic on my wire capture.
travisryanAuthor Commented:
The SSL traffic is on port 65000 and I've found that on my wireshark capture, I'm not sure what I'm specifically looking for in here though.
travisryanAuthor Commented:
I fixed the issue. I followed a link here: Unable to ASDM

And had to add
ssl encryption rc4-md5 rc4-sha1 aes128-sha1 aes256-sha1 3des-sha1

Open in new window

I checked, this was not in the config a month ago and I was able to connect into the asdm just fine. Something about adding the VPN capability to the device required me to add this line in to get ASDM working.

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