Can not install software after deleting it in regedit

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Hi Expert
I tried to delete a software completely in regedit. After that, I cannot install this software. when I clicked the software to try to install, I got error message. Please see the picture.
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Scott CSenior Engineer

What software are you trying to install?

What OS are you trying to install it on?

Why did you delete from the registry rather than do a normal install?

We need more information in order to help you.
Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal Consultant

Did you restart PC after removing from registry??


Thanks for your fast reply. Yes, i restarted it. The following are answers

What software are you trying to install? dm-launcher

What OS are you trying to install it on? win7

Why did you delete from the registry rather than do a normal install? i need to delete it completely

The below link is what i tried. but it did not work
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Jessica WhitleySoftware Developer
Top Expert 2015
Okay so after removing the software from the registry did you by chance defragment  your hard drive? Whenever you move a file or remove software you leave a trail or pieces of it. The way you removed the software wasn't exactly the safest way to uninstall in the first place so defragmenting would be a good step even after a restart.
Michael FowlerSolutions Consultant
There may be other registry settings left behind. Try installing CCleaner and running the Registry Cleaner
CCleaner was my favorite when on XP OS, but do not use it on any any newer OS's


Distinguished Expert 2018
Few thoughts:
I use two programs for registry cleaning (CCleaner and FreeWidowRegistryRepair). CCleaner is not great  app for registry cleaning, but it does not corrupt anything (not since version, at least that I noticed. Free registry repair is much better, and did not corrupt registry or destroyed something, again - at least not that I noticed (but it also create automatic backup of registry changes)...
So, I would suggest you to try those...

Other recommendations would be...
Go and manually purge files from Temp folders on locations
C:\Users\<profile name>\AppData\Local\Temp
And check for traces (and delete files and folders if you find some) of that specific app in
C:\Program Files (x86)\
C:\Program Files\
Top Expert 2013
try a system restore to a date it was ok before

and remember - before playing with the registry  - make a backup of it

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