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Non-Responsive Exchange 2007

I have two different customers experiencing the same problem today.  Windows 2008 Server virtual machines running exchange 2007.  The servers are extremely sluggish and non-responsive.  If you reboot the server it functions normally for about 4 minutes before it begins to get sluggish again.  Nothing in the events logs is noteworthy.  Other servers on the same vmware host and san are running fine.

The last set of windows server patches were applied last week.  

Any ideas?
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Will Szymkowski
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Disable Anti-virus on the Exchange servers. Also take a look at the Processes and Disk I/O using Pefromance Monitor to see if this is the issue.

How is your disk space where the logs and databases reside?

If there is nothing in the logs pointing to slowness it is typically a 3rd party applicaiton like AV. Disk I/O is the biggest culprit for Exchange performance.

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We discovered the problem internally.