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Sudden increase in c:\windows size in win8

Suddenly, the c:\windows directory increased to 403gb. Now windows reports no space left on the disk.
Nothing was added, nor does any sub-directory within it read strangely. I have forced a full chkdsk /r, etc....
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That is unreal and not correct. Get Tree Size Pro (Jam Software), download it, install it and run it. It will tell you where the space has gone. Backups do not (that I have ever seen) go in Windows.

Have you tried MANY unsuccessful Windows 10 upgrades. These would leave Windows.old folders. Still, it would take a lot of upgrades to get to 400 GB.

Something has gone wrong.
Go to Admin Tools (Windows Explorer) and find Disk Cleanup. Run Disk Cleanup. When it first comes up ready, click on the Clean up System Files  button. This will cause it to search again. When it is ready, review the items for cleanup and cleanup any Windows.old folders. I am assuming you are at Windows 8 and have not yet upgraded (you can't if there is no space).
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