Cannot logon with another user on a workstation. User profiles service service failed to logon


User profiles service service failed to logon. User Profile cannot be loaded.

I cannot logon with another userid which was never logged in on this workstation.
I have checked ntfs permission on default profile but i see no problem.
A lot of other machines in our domain have the same problem. I have seen that this case is on workstations which we have migrated from another domain. ( Our company has a new owner and i have migrated all ressouces ( 350 Workstaions and about 50 Servers ) to a new domain but this is 2 years ago and everthing works fine !)

When i make an installattion of a computer in our Domain with SCCM then no problem.

Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
I have tried also hints with boot safe mode and rename profile in regedit but this was no Profile wiht .bat extention. I can logon with all userids which logged in before !!

Can someone help me in this case ?
Many thanks in advance
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check the C drive space on the machine and try to add that user in administrators group.
StefanAuthor Commented:
Same problem !
enough free diskspace and userid in admingroup !h
In ADUC a user is havinh tow kind of profile:  Profiles and Terminal Services Profiles. Please check in ADUC and compare the user with a working user.
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StefanAuthor Commented:
User has only local profile and no Terminal Server profile.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
This sounds like a roaming profile problem; Are roaming profiles configured? Then make sure that all users have Full access permissions on their roaming profile directory, and are owner of that directory.
StefanAuthor Commented:
There is no roaming profile defined !
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Can you login with a new local user instead of a domain user?
StefanAuthor Commented:
in the meantime i can Login !!!!
My Workaround: I made a copy of Default Profile from a similiar machine to this computer and then i can Login.
But i don't know the reason. I have this problem also on other machines.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Then there is probably some rights problem, in which a non-existing domain account (or an account from you old domain) is owner of the default profile;
StefanAuthor Commented:
Permission looks correct. I compared this with oher machines, no different.
this might be due to SID issues.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Have you checked the registry permissions?
It seems the default user profile "C:\Users\Default" seemed to lack necessary permissions.Reset permissions and re-enable inheritance.

Steps to do it:

Seems that problem is due to some security permission to the default user account on the path C:\Users
Please unhide Default user : Computer -> Tools -> Folder options

Then right click on the Default user, go to Properties and then Security then check the "replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object"

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StefanAuthor Commented:
Hi Gaurav,

this is very hot hint, i will check this if this happens again.
StefanAuthor Commented:
Hi Gaurav,

this was the solution !!

Thank you
Glad to know that your issue resolved
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