SIP phone not registering in CME mode.

Hi there,
7962 Cisco Phone has SIP firmware from configuration in Call Manager.
Now I want to register this phone in CME mode but it's not picking up the configuration file for some reason ...

IP Phone --> Switch --> Router

Given below is my config's a cisco 2921 router. ..

voice service voip
 allow-connections sip to sip
  registrar server expires max 600 min 60
voice register global
 mode cme
 source-address port 5060
 max-dn 6
 max-pool 3
 tftp-path flash:
voice register dn  1
 number 4001
voice register pool  1
 id mac 0024.97AB.39B0
 type 7962
 number 1 dn 1
 codec g711ulaw

Output of show voice register tftp-bindings shows me

R2#sh voice register tftp-bind
tftp-server syncinfo.xml url system:/cme/sipphone/syncinfo.xml
tftp-server SIPDefault.cnf url system:/cme/sipphone/SIPDefault.cnf
tftp-server softkeyDefault_kpml.xml url system:/cme/sipphone/softkeyDefault_kpml.xml
tftp-server softkeyDefault.xml url system:/cme/sipphone/softkeyDefault.xml
tftp-server featurePolicyDefault.xml url system:/cme/sipphone/featurePolicyDefault.xml
tftp-server SIP0016463804A5.cnf url system:/cme/sipphone/SIP0016463804A5.cnf

Now when the phone comes up, I see the following message on debug tftp packets on the router  

Aug 20 10:17:40.435: TFTP: Server request for port 49820, socket_id 0x3000A3CC for process 228
Aug 20 10:17:40.435: TFTP: read request from host via GigabitEthernet0/0.302
Aug 20 10:17:40.435: TFTP: Looking for CTLSEP0016463804A5.tlv
Aug 20 10:17:40.435: TFTP: Sending error 1 No such file
Aug 20 10:17:40.499: TFTP: Server request for port 49821, socket_id 0x3000A3CC for process 228
Aug 20 10:17:40.499: TFTP: read request from host via GigabitEthernet0/0.302
Aug 20 10:17:40.499: TFTP: Looking for SEP0016463804A5.cnf.xml
Aug 20 10:17:40.499: TFTP: Sending error 1 No such file
Aug 20 10:17:40.579: TFTP: Server request for port 49822, socket_id 0x3000A3CC for process 228
Aug 20 10:17:40.579: TFTP: read request from host via GigabitEthernet0/0.302
Aug 20 10:17:40.579: TFTP: Looking for XMLDefault.cnf.xml
Aug 20 10:17:40.579: TFTP: Sending error 1 No such file

The error to me starts from this line
Aug 20 10:17:40.499: TFTP: Looking for SEP0016463804A5.cnf.xml

It's somehow not picking it's a SIP phone and still trying to send the SEP file (meant for Skinny) .. .I think this maybe causing the issue but not sure ... Can you please assist ?
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Bill1982Author Commented:
Yes, i did enter 'create prof' under voice register global ... just forgot to paste that into the output above ...

Is it that the phone by default looks for SEPxx.cnf file and it should be translated to SIPxxx.cnf file instead? I do have the SIPxxx.cnf file from config above but what the router does not have is the translation from SEPxxx.cnf file to SIPxxx.cnf file..From the logs, I can see its trying to look for SEP file config so tftp-binding should have a way to translation this SEP.cnf to SIP.cnf file .... I think that maybe the problem but cant see what needs to be done to enter that info manually.
Bill1982Author Commented:
Infact when i restart voice register pool 1 after create prof, I get the msg

"no contact info available for Pool 1"
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Bill1982Author Commented:
It's a SIP phone ...
I registered it as a SIP phone in Call Manager to ensure it has a SIP load file ...
If it was registered on another system, you may want to factory reset the phone. Might be a good idea to load up the SIP firmware for it on CME too.
José MéndezCommented:
If it was registered to a Callmanager  greater than 8.x, chances are it installed a security token called ITL. It is a list of TFTP servers from which it trusts it can download a config file. Factory resetting the phone or just going through the Settings will take care of this:

Choose Settings > Security Configuration.

Press**# and erase the ITL file in order to unlock the IP Phone.

It is actually documented the other way around here:
José MéndezCommented:
Wait a second, is that phone using IP The debugs show that CME cannot find the requested file:

Aug 20 10:17:40.499: TFTP: Looking for SEP0016463804A5.cnf.xml
Aug 20 10:17:40.499: TFTP: Sending error 1 No such file

If you go into SEttings menu > Device Information, what firmware does it tell it is running? what version?
Bill1982Author Commented:
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