SIP clinet for Windows that has built in VPN tagging - VOIP software

Does anyone knows any SIP client for Windows that has VPN packet tagging capability?
Reason I ask is we are in a need to segregate voice from data traffic, and this can be achieved with VOIP phones, but not with VOIP software clients. With phone you can put phone on one VPN and PC on another. Why? Because phone has built in NIC card and also PC is plugging into the phone so only one network drop per cube is needed and no problem. Now don side is that phones are expensive, and maintenance requires time. So we have a lot of users (500+) that are using software VOIP client. Does anyone know of any solution that will give us ability to make SIP client tag traffic for specific VLAN? Thank you.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Unfortunately this can't really be done. VLAN tagging occurs at a low level and is primarily done by the NIC with dome driver assistance. There aren't exposed APIs in most OSes for an application to do this.
MRSAuthor Commented:
Ok so how is then Virtual Machine working if this can't be done? How is Hyper-V or VMware working under OS, under one physical NIC and you have as many virtual PC's with as many virtual NIC you want? This all can been done via software (Hyper-v or VMware) in Windows, correct?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Hypervisors (Hyper-V and ESX install very close to the hardware. They are not "just software" running on top of windows. So no, VLAN tagging is not happening in software with standard APIs in those instances.
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MRSAuthor Commented:
Why then this cant be achieve via virtual adapter? By SIP software creating virtual adapter and assigning separate VLAN ID to that adapter (static IP different from physical nic) and force SIP application via routing to virtual NIC?
MRSAuthor Commented:
What do you mean they are not just software? Of course they are. Lets get Virtual PC 2007 for example from Microsoft that they discontinued. It is just a software. It gives you ability to bind physical NIC to it and create another virtual NIC under that software and your virtual PC will have ip that it can communicate with "outside world" All done within the Windows and with a peace of software.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Because windows doesn't have that kind of architecture in the networking stack. The OS still has to take an application steam, break it into packets, then break those packets into frames with assistance of the NIC driver, and then let the NIC send out the data. Just flopping up a virtual adapter and expecting the physical adapter to manage that (which is NIC specific) would be a complete redesign of the network stack with zero backwards compatibility.

Hyper-V could do this because it was entirely new. There was no backwards compatibility to worry about. But it is also why there are still many NICs not certified for hyper-V and why running other software and roles in the "parent" OS is discouraged and in many cases unsupported.

I'm attaching an image. You can see where the hypervisor lives. Where drivers live. And where applications live. And why what you are asking for just isn't reasonable in today's windows architecture. I didn't write windows. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm sorry you don't "like" my answer. But it is what it is.

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
And proving my point, virtual PC 2007 also did *NOT* support VLAN tagging because it didn't sit close enough to the metal. Not even MS could do that with their massive resources without a full rearchitecture...hence hyper-v.
MRSAuthor Commented:
I am not trying to shoot the messenger here. I am sorry if you have that kind of feeling from our conversation. I am trying to get something positive from it and try to find a solution. I was just playing devil's advocate here since technology is out there and I can't be the only one in a need of this. There has to be more people that are in the same position. I am just trying to get the bottom of if it can or can not be done and why. That's all. By me asking why this and why that, I am trying to get more answers not to shoot the messenger. :)
Maybe it doesn't have to be vlan tagging. Maybe with another virtual adapter, and forcing SIP application via that adapter will do the trick.
Maybe I found mine answer. Take a look at this on how to create virtual adapter and make it talk to physical and have two different IP's and MACK address:
MRSAuthor Commented:
Ok, I tried this and it didn't get me anywhere. I think the more I am understanding this the more you are right. Thank you for explaining this to me and thank you for the diagram. It helps understanding and it makes sense. I think it woulod be a neat idea if someone takes this project and tries to make something like this. I think there is a market for it. Cisco actually have this but it requires a Cisco hardware to run it. No one else seems to have it.
It blows my mind that no one tried to make such a application for Windows. Or maybe to try to make something like a virtual switch that seats right where hyper-v is and mange those connections. Wow. Any case, I will mark your answer as the answer on my question. Thank you again.
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