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how many emails to keep in outlook

I had about 55000 emails in my inbox using a POP server.  I know when I had an exchange server it was important to archive my emails.  At what point does it become necessary for performance to archive emails in my outlook client when connected to a POP account?
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Unless you're caching e-mail locally, I don't think it will matter much.  The 55k e-mails are a problem for the server, not the client, though the actual necessity of keeping 55k e-mails might be questioned.

What I do at my office is encourage people to archive (in a .PST file) any e-mail they're certain they won't need access to, but don't want to delete for any reason (usually regulatory).  The .PST file can be attached to Outlook, so it's accessible, but the extra e-mail baggage doesn't get in the way of day-to-day operations.
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This is a pop server so the emails are downloaded and I only allowed 21 days of emails to stay on the server. Does that change anything?
I can't speak to limitations of the POP server/usage. but in terms of Outlook itself, the more email you have the more you will notice a slowdown in performance, especially if you use a PST file that is attached to your outlook profile with archived emails.  

We have noticed this more than several times.  We are on Exchange 2010.  When someone leaves their email is archived and sent as a PST to their supervisor.  IF the supervisor elects to keep this pst attached to his/her email account, they tend to notice a slowdown.  IF they merely detach the email PST file., it speeds up considerably.

We discourage people from keeping more than 4gb of email (although wee don't enforce it and many have upwards of  that amount).
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By different folders do you mean a sub folder in the inbox?
Thanks - I use folders outside of Inbox as it helps my own organization.
How do I set it up? Do you have a link
I just use Outlook.  Open Outlook. Make sure you see the Folder Tree on the left (look in the View tab for the Folder Pane and make sure it is on).

Now see Outlook (name of your file) at the top left.

Right Click on Outlook and select New Folder. Name it and you will see it in parallel with Inbox.

Of course for any folder you can use sub-folders, but I like main folders for organization.

Good luck.
Do you basically direct mail by setting up rules or do they automatically forward to those folders? I prefer that everything comes to inbox and then I can view it there first. Do I then move it over manually?
For sure it is not automatic.  You can use rules but I do not. I move mail to the relevant folder when I have read it. I have dozens (maybe 100) folders so moving a small number manually makes sense for me. At the beginning of the week I have 1 email in my inbox; at the end of the week I have 30 or 40 to file and that takes about 10 minutes. I have tens of thousands of emails going back to 1996.
Ok Thank you
I use rules and do it manually, depending on content and sender.  I only use server side rules. They ate very easy to set up, but there is a limit - 64kb - which is approximately 100 rules. If you need more space you would need to speak with your exchange administrator.