Change Disk in RAID array to Hot Spare

I purchased a Dell Poweredge R430 with (8) 600GB SAS Disks configured with RAID 1 + 10 without a hot spare on a Perc 730P Controller. OS is Windows 2012 R2.
Question: Can I change the RAID configuration to use one of the 8 existing disk as a hot spare?
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
No, you can't reconfigure an array to remove disks or to make it smaller.

If you want a hot-spare and you don't have much invested in the RAID 10 yet, you could delete the RAID 10, create a 4-disk RAID 10 (instead of 6 disks), then assign the other two disks as global hot-spares.

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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
You totally could.... But, you're insane if you try this....

Pull one of your RAID -10  or RAID -1 drives....  Array will degrade and throw errors.

Put the drive into a completely different but similar controller card, import the foriegn config, and fast initialize the disk.  Put back into server, scan controller, finds blank disk, assign to hotspare.....  You will still have a degraded array on the one you stole the drive from.   Take a backup before you try it!!!

The disk will probably auto-rebuild though if you have that set on either container/volume
You'd need 9 disks for a hot spare, or use 2 of your current ones for 2 hot-spares as has been mentioned already. RAID 10 always needs an even number of disks, if you remove one you get an uneven number...
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
choward's suggestion made me laugh. Completely ridiculous and insane! Yes, along the way you made one of the disks a "hot-spare" but TOTALLY not what he had in mind :) Degrade the array, make the offline disk appear brand new to the controller, then assign it as a hot-spare to repair the degraded array.
Maybe a good way to test whether the controller is working as advertised! :)
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
there is that :)
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Come one now, I did give it a fantastic disclaimer:
You totally could.... But, you're insane if you try this....
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
That's what made me laugh :)
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