EMC CX4-120 Setup Problems

Basically we set this back up just to use for some backups and random stuff.

It has 3 enclosures, we removed 1 of them to consolidate space and as you can see in the pictures is that the drives light up yellow and the enclosure is registered but does not see any drives!

Before we removed the enclosure 3, we cleared down all the drives and unmapped all the hosts, so the drives were clear and not associated with anything or any pools

I try using the disk installation wizard and that dies too as per screenshot.

I am not up to speed with EMC and never mind this ancient piece of kit haha
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
The array is not that old - its about 5 years old probably so hardly ancient. You've done something silly to it so of course it's throwing errors. The CX4-120 is proper enterprise storage and is highly reliable and has loads of in-built mechanisms to protect its data.

Can you post a screenshot of all the disks in the array similar to the first screenshot please?

How did you remove the shelf of disk? Did it have valid RAID groups and LUNs on it when you disconnected it?

Have you changed the enclosure ID? Each disk enclosure must have a unique (and consecutive ideally) ID. You may have two enclosures using the same ID. If you've changed the ID on an enclosure with valid drives in it, you'd get weird errors. In fact, all the LEDs lit suggests that you have clashing enclosure IDs.

If the enclosure IDs are unique, the array may just need to be rebooted to clear the error. Turn off the power at the SPSs (the array's small UPS) and let the array shit itself down. Leave it off for 40 seconds or so, then turn it back on. It'll take about 5-10 minutes to fully boot so be patient.

Once you've got the hardware errors resolved, the array may need to be reset to factory default. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
piedthepiperAuthor Commented:
Well what I did was take the SSDs out of the 2nd enclosure and just keep the sata drives in here, and it picked them up fine. As soon as I mixed drive types it threw a fit!

The SSDs were only 100GB and we wouldn't be using them for any teiring.

I patched both controllers through to the physical Windows 2012 box, but obviously I see the LUNs presented twice doe to multipathing. I have configured MPIO but I am assuming I need to download the EMC Powerpath software for 2012 for it to multipath properly in 2012?
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Ok. SATA enclosures must only have SATA drives in them. FC enclosures can have SSD or FC drives. So first step is to relive either the SSDs If this is a SATA enclosure, or remove the SATA drives if this is a FC enclosure. What was originally in this shelf? SATA or FC drives? Remove the drives you put into it.
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
For multiparhing you can use PowerPath or Microsoft's native MPIO software: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee619752(v=ws.10).aspx

You'll also need to make some changes to the array configuration so that it understands what you're doing. Look up emc99467 at support.emc.com for more.
piedthepiperAuthor Commented:
Ah so that explains the drive issues and why what I did worked!

I used the standard MPIo but was still seeing an extra set of LUNs presented, there was nothing in there to configure paths. There was for the SATA enclosure I had patched in.

I am guessing I need to configrue the array side better, but I am not a member of the emc site!
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Do you still have a problem on the array?
Duncan MeyersCommented:
You need to install both MPIO and DSM and configure it correctly - the Device-Specific Module, then discover devices, configure properties and configure path balancing, path failover and path failback policies. Follow the instructions here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee619752(v=ws.10).aspx and here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753405.aspx.

You will need an EMC account to download PowerPath, so that's not an option unfortunately. Another option is Veritas Storage Foundations Basic: http://www.symantec.com/en/au/storage-foundation-basic/ but native Microsoft MPIO should do everything you need once you read the articles and configure it correctly.

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piedthepiperAuthor Commented:
Sorted, Thought I had configured MPIO correctly and after reading hose articles you posted I realized I hadn't.

Its all fine now!
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Thanks! Glad I could help.
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