Migrating w2k8 server environment to w2k12

Single domain environment - Forest Function Level Win2008

Server1 - Win2k8R2 - FSMO/DC/DNS/DHCP/GC File/Print Sharing
Server2 - Win2k8Std - DC/DNS/GC File/Print Sharing
Server3 - Win2k8R2 - DC/DNS/GC (previous DHCP)

Server4 - Win2k12R2 - DC/DNS/DHCP/GC (Virtual HV - 1-Host w/ 2-Virtual Servers)
Server5 - Win2k12R2 - DC/DNS/GC File/Print Sharing

I have 3 - w2k8 Domain Controllers.  Recently introduced 2 new w2k12R2 servers.  The goal then is to demote and remove Server3 completely, demote Server2 and continue to use File/Sharing only.

I obviously need to move the FSMO roles to one of the W2k12 servers but I am having inconsistent performance on computers that have static IPs when I select Server5 as the Primary DNS.  Could it be that because I have not moved the FSMO roles to the newest OS version that DNS and AD performance don't like the current environment?  I know I have too many DCs and DNS. If I set the computers to Server1 everything is fine.  I'm just hesitant to move the FSMO because it seems to be unstable or uncertain.  I have run DCDIAG on all the servers and they look absolutely fine.  Suggestions?
cobmoIT ManagerAsked:
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As far as I know, clients do not hate AD server version. If you have XP, you might face some issues to connect to W2K12 R2 DCs

How many AD sites you have?
All servers are part of same AD site?
If all servers are part of same site, you should not face issue as long as AD replication and DNS configuration is fine.
If servers are part of different site, then ensure that client subnets are latched to appropriate AD site

Run netdom query fsmo on all DCs and check if all showing same output for FSMO
If here you get error / different output, it is likely the cause of your problem
Ensure that AD replication and DNS name resolution is working fine
check main domain dns zone for DC servers Host(A), CNAME records under _msdcs.domain.com zone, NS records are correctly resolving to correct DC servers

U could check ad health for possible issues:
dcdiag /v
repadmin /showreps
repadmin /replsummary * /bysrc /bydest /sort:delta

Also check AD event logs:
13568 - Journal wrap if your sysvol is replicating with FRS under FRS logs
2042, 1388, 1988 - lingering objects events under directory services logs
2095 - USN rollback errors in directory services logs


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I agree with Mahesh 100% you should check the heath of AD. Also Server 5 is a file & printer server. I have you check the server memory and CPU usage to make sure it is not getting overloaded?
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