Office 2010 - Adding features with OCT MSP file not working

I am attempting to add Access to already installed copies of Office 2010 ProPlus. The original install was pushed with a Dell K1000 customized (OCT) with it's own MSP file in /updates.
My problem is, I am now trying to add Access with a different MSP file. If I run the new MSP file from the desktop of my test machine everything runs and installs fine. Comparing the install before and after running the MSP I see Access is installed as well as VBA (needed for Access). However, this will need to be scripted in my environment. So I open up command and run msiexec /p custom.msp /qb and the minimal UI goes through the motions just the same as when I double clicked the file. Except no end result, no Access no VBA. Am I missing something?
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Vadim RappCommented:
Comparing detailed log in both cases will tell what's the difference. Maybe it's because of /qb. Normally it shouldn't matter, but Microsoft hasn't been known to strictly follow Microsoft's best practices in their own installations. So first I't try without /qb, then if it did not help, produce detailed log and analyze the difference.
CKabsAuthor Commented:
I have tried it sans attribute with the same result.
I obtained this detailed log using msiexec /p custom.msp /L officelog.txt
Im not sure how i would obtain a similar log for just double clicking the file on the desktop. I do see one thing in here thats odd. That is, on the very bottom of the log it says "Windows Installer reconfigured the product. Product Name: Microsoft Office Office 64-bit Components 2010." The product I have installed is x86.
Vadim RappCommented:
> Im not sure how i would obtain a similar log for just double clicking the file on the desktop.


>  That is, on the very bottom of the log it says "Windows Installer reconfigured the product. Product Name: Microsoft Office Office 64-bit Components 2010." The product I have installed is x86.

Office consists of many products, and maybe one of them is called 64-bit Components, even though it's 32-bit system. Does not make sense, but neither impossible, nor even unusual. For example, in 64-bit Windows, system directory for 64-bit files is called "system32", while system directory for 32-bit files is called SYSWOW64.

Another possibility is that it in fact reconfigured several products, and "64-bit Components 2010" is only the last one, and its reconfiguration in fact did nothing at all indeed because it's 32-bit system (but the patch included everything needed for both 32- and 64-bit)
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CKabsAuthor Commented:
Ok so I got that all setup. It created a bunch of logs I'm not really sure if there is a difference with any of them so I posted them all. See attached zip file.
I also want to add. As I mentioned above when I double click on the msp file on the desktop it typically would add the MS Access feature as well as VBA (both of which were part of the modified msp config file) and navigating to the start menu you would see an added Access icon indicating the install was successful. For some reason that has stopped working as well. So now neither method of modifying the current installation seems to be working...
Vadim RappCommented:
We don't see anything attached.
CKabsAuthor Commented:
Hum, might of forgot to hit upload.
Vadim RappCommented:
That's quite a few logs that you included. The plan was to have one that worked and one that did not, to compare and find out the difference. Which one is which in your zip file?
CKabsAuthor Commented:
It was suggested in another forum that using the MSP file is not recommended for customizing an already installed copy of Office. Whats your response in regard to that statement and do you have any suggested reading material for using and customizing an Office installation with a XML file.
Vadim RappCommented:
My suggestion is to read Microsoft documentation about installing Office, and if anything does not work, open support incident, which will be free because it's their fault. Also, just try this and that and see what works.

Office installation and customization was standard-compliant and straightforward before Office 2007. In 2007 Microsoft has broken everything, abandoned their own recommended practices, and made the installation so complex that it probably might become a consulting business on its own. There was very loud dissatisfaction in user (admin, in fact) community, to no avail. In later versions of Office things did not improve. The variety of all options multiplied by the number of Office products and configurations and languages, makes any attempt to give general advise on how to do X futile. Different people had different experiences in some specific scenarios, and posted about it, but change the scenario a bit, and it will become totally different. There's zero consistency in installation of Office, it's practically unpredictable. Don't expect anything that is not clearly documented in Office literature, to work, i.e. if documentation does not have very specific instructions on how to to patch, assume that it's impossible - because installation of Office does not comply with installation standards. You try this and that and hope that something will work, but it won't be stable and predictable. A change down the road can ruin it.

I fully realize that all this is disappointing, but the reality is that it's the best advice that can be given about Office.
CKabsAuthor Commented:
I don't feel like this has answered my question even though the discussion is over and you have offered your advice I don't believe it warrants an "answered" question.
Here is my ITNinja post for reference:

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CKabsAuthor Commented:
The best answer to this question is to use a XML config file instead of a MSP.  See my ITNinja post for more details.
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