How do i setup external access for OWA?

Hello, I am in need of assistance for our users to be able to access their email externally. OWA is enabled and the external URL shows in the OWA Properties dialog box..  ..
if you type in the address you receive an error stating the webpage is not available, Err_connection_refused (chrome browser, off domain)
***(please note when it comes to DNS, i understand what it is but as far as configuring it properly, well... i know enough to blow myself up, please be specific when addressing these issues...)

-Our webhost shows an A record of pointing to our public ip address as well as an MX Record with the host as pointing to

-Internal DNS does not show any records for this in the forward lookup zones -Does a record need created?

This is as far as I know how/where to look. I don't know what previous IT had completed or how to check if it was ever setup/properly.. They (users) say they've never known it was possible to access externally...  (Internal OWA does work)
Server 2008 R2
Exchange 2010
Thank you!
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In the Exchange console under Server Config, Client access you should see

From outside your network are you browsing to that address(including the owa at end)? You need owa at end...

Also - was this working previously or not?
BriPCAuthor Commented:
that is how it shows as the address and that is what is being typed in exactly as that..
Don't believe it ever was working... or setup for that matter.. The steps that have been taken are ones that I have. outside of that, i don't believe anyone has..
Ok, so you now need to check if your router is allowing access to OWA...

Use this site -

It will auto detect your public IP(do this from inside your network obviously)
Put in port 443 - is that showing Ok/Pass status?

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Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
You can also check by using telnet from outside the company. telnet <your public dns name or IP> 443. If it connects (will probably go to a blank screen), then your server is probably listening and the router is fine. Make sure you check your IIS settings. The default website should not have a host header name on it. Also, two IIS things. IF you want users to be able to connect by typing only, then you need to remove the Require SSL from the Default Website (make sure it is on the OWA virtual directory) and then set an IIS redirect on the site to Make sure to select this site only. Then make sure there are no redirects on the virtual directories.
Lastly, you can use the Microsoft Remote Connectivity test to further troubleshoot
BriPCAuthor Commented:
error: cannot see your service on port 443 ..
Right, so you've a router/firewall issue(where you are not forwarding ports from your external IP to your internal...)

You didn't answer my previous question - was this working previously or is this a new install?
BriPCAuthor Commented:
@smckeown777 - my apologies, new install.. will login to the firewall
Ok so you need 'port forwarding' and firewall ports opened for 443
Port forwarding needs your WAN IP to point to your internal servers IP address...

After that you should be good to go I think
BriPCAuthor Commented:
Opened port in firewall and set NAT. accessible through external! Thank you!
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