MDT 2013 Dell Latitude E7250 Windows 7 x64 Imaging Issue

Hello EE, I need some help please :-)

I had this all working until I added a Windows 8.1 .wim to my MDT for this Dell Latitude E7250 and broke my working Windows 7 deployment for this E7250 model. :-(

When I first setup the E7250 for MDT deploy for Windows 7 I recall having to make a change to the LTIApply.wsf file and use a Windows 8.1 network driver to get the imaging to work for Windows 7 on the E7250 model.

Here is a sample of the code I backed up not sure if this was the original or the changes made;

If not oFSO.FolderExists(sBootDrive & "\Boot") then
   oFSO.CreateFolder(sBootDrive & "\Boot")
End if

All was working well I could image the E7250 with Windows 7 but it took me a few days to track down the solution to that problem, the fix was to use a Windows 8.1 network driver and that fixed it.

Fast forward a few months and we needed a Windows 8.1 image for the E7250, I set that up and all was working well and still is for the Windows 8.1 images for the E7250 but for the life of me I cannot get my Windows 7 image to fully deploy through MDT anymore.

I have even re-created the driver pool over and setup new task sequence and selection profile to point only to those Windows 7 drivers for this E7250 model. I have tried the Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 network drivers and every time I get the same error.

I don't understand why it would push the image but fail at first boot up?

I can PXE boot and kick off the image, and it will image the machine but then when it starts to boot into Windows 7 for the first time it will Blue Screen and give me an "IntelPCC.sys" error.

I have researched the heck out of this error;

Tried the solutions that fit my setup above in the link but can never actually locate this driver to try that. All of the CABs or individual drivers I download never have that model of driver in them.

This article got me close to resolved last time;

And I think I was able to get things working for Windows 7 with WINPE4.0 but trying that now yields the same IntelPCC.sys blue screen of death.

Was wondering if anyone else has had to MDT image these Dell Latitude E7250 models and if someone might be able to help me work past this issue?
CheckThe LogsAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
in your task sequence how do you load the drivers? Plug and Pray? Deployment Research has a good article on driver deployment
CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
Hi David, Thank you I have been reading over this article for a few days now and have always used selection profiles to inject drivers specific to the model in question. After so much rinse and repeat tweaking minor drivers, etc. with same result, I was trying the 3rd scenario today in this article you posted but was having the hardest time trying to figure out how to create the driver group in his post, I just figured it out and updated my deployment share and boot images and will test this tomorrow morning and report back.

I have always used the task sequence and injected driver profiles (selection profiles) in the "post install" of the task sequence and never had issues, but this article outlines injecting the drivers (or driver group) in the "preinstall" portion of the task sequence and I will see if that does the trick.

Thanks for the helping hand, I will report back :-)
CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
Okay quick update on this :-)

I was able to get it further by changing it to driver group in the pre-install phase of the task sequence! :-)

It images the E7250 and loads in the Windows 7 OS but I get an error;

"a connection to the deployment share could not be made dhcp lease was not obtained for any networking device! Possible cause; check physical connection."

I am missing many drivers and wonder if I need to a driver group or selection profile also in the post install for the same drivers to get them to push after it boots into windows?
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Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:
It sounds like the driver targeting is not applying. Maybe you could post your t-shirt or a pic. It sounds like it is not meeting the conditions now. I am bemused why you had to hack the lit script. Is this a known issue? I will be deploying the 7250 soon so getting the wrinkles like this out of the way would be great.

CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
Error I was getting which started this question, I could image the E7250 over PXE but first boot into Windows 7 would BSOD with this error.
CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
Old Error I used to get before I made those changes to the script file back when I first had issues with this model and needed to use Windows 8.1 network drivers

CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
One of the Selection Profiles I am using for the E7250 these are all the drivers downloaded from Dell's site per the service tag using the CAB file single download all drivers included for Windows 7 x64 only no x86 drivers.

CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
Sample showing of my MDT setup Out-Of-Box Drivers.

CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
Screen shots of my Task Sequences and I am using the task Sequence DriverGroup001. This will image the E7250 and allow it to boot into Windows desktop but will throw these errors and I have to manaully copy over the drivers on a USB drive and point the drivers to install in Device Manger.

CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:

Found this article that I might try out, states that the SSD could be part of the problem just too fast and a sleep time out value may be needed to allow the OS time to inject the drivers.

 'Delay wait for DHCP  
  wscript.sleep 2500

Function ValidateDeployRootWithRecovery

  Dim sARF
  Dim sNetworkErrorHint
  DIm iRetVal
  Dim sLTISuspend

  'Delay wait for DHCP  
  wscript.sleep 2500

  If oUtility.ValidateConnectionEx(oEnvironment.Item("DeployRoot"), True) = Success then
   ValidateDeployRootWithRecovery = SUCCESS
   exit function
  End if

Some are saying this resolved the issue for them even in MDT 2013.

Some say in this article that it could be network related but I don't think that is my issue as all other hardware I image works just fine, even Windows 8.1 to this E7250 model just Windows 7 is giving me grief now.

And adding again that I did have this working at one point in the past for months, my thought is it still is related to needing Windows 8.1 network drivers for Windows 7 to image over PXE but all my efforts so far have been no dice.
CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
@ Mike T, to answer your question about hacking the script I think I recall now what I ran into with Windows 8.1 trying to capture my image to MDT, it's a little different than I recall but this is what I had to change to be able to capture the Windows 8.1 image.
CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
WINPE 4.0 x64 did not even kick off the image process over PXE failed with this error....

Also, tried to create Media and see if any difference imaging over USB rather than PXE and got the same results as above, where it will image the Windows 7 x64 OS but as soon as it boots into Windows it fails to inject the drivers.
CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
I finally found the fix!!! :-)

I did away with the DriverGroup and stuck to what has worked for all my other hardware Selection Profile.

I set the Selection Profile to inject drivers in the pre and post Task Sequence.

And I found the root cause for all my headaches! :-)

Msinfo32 shows the hardware as a Latitude E7250

Attempting to upgrade the BIOS I noticed this "Latitude 7250"

The flipping "E" was my whole problem!!! :-)

Almost a solid week messing with this issue and it was the darn "E" gumming up the works. :-)

Remove the "E" from your folder names in the Out-Of-Box Drivers and only called your folder "Latitude 7250" and do the same for the Selection Profile and Task Sequence names and should be good to image Windows 7.

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CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:
Hi, whilst I didn't find the exact issue I did point the author at the issue with "It sounds like the driver targeting is not applying" which it didn't. Looking at the logs was the next point which is the authors name after all. I think a few points are due surely?
CheckThe LogsAuthor Commented:
This was the fix to remove E from E7250 Dell Latitude model to resolve.
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