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Hi Experts,
I have a question about the code for an Address form.  Currently in my database, I have a Address form for Client but users keep delete the old address and enter the new address instead keep the old address and add the new one (the system will keep maximum 4 address, 3 previous and 1 mailing, anything over 4 address, the system will automatic removed the oldest address).  so we want to lock the address, city, state and Zip code, users have to add new address except for supervisors.  I put the code on Form Current but some times when user enter and realized enter it wrong and use the "ESC" Key to cancel, some times not save but some times save.  what did I do wrong on the code or I should not put the code under On Current?  below is my code

Private Sub Form_Current()

Dim stUser As String
Dim stSecurity As Integer
stUser = GetCaresUser
stSecurity = DLookup("SecurityType", "tblLoginSecurity", "LoginID = '" & stUser & "'")

If Not IsNull(Me.ADRADDR) Or Me.ADRADDR <> "" Then       ‘this is the Address field
   If stSecurity < 5 Then
      Me.ADRADDR.Locked = True
   End If
   Me.ADRADDR.Locked = False
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.ADRCITY) Or Me.ADRCITY <> "" Then       ‘this is the City field
   If stSecurity < 5 Then
      Me.ADRCITY.Locked = True
   End If
  Me.ADRCITY.Locked = False
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.ADRST) Or Me.ADRST <> "" Then           ‘this is the State field
   If stSecurity < 5 Then
      Me.ADRST.Locked = True
   End If
  Me.ADRST.Locked = False
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.ADRZIP) Or Me.ADRZIP <> "" Then                       ‘this is the Zip Code field
   If stSecurity < 5 Then
      Me.ADRZIP.Locked = True
   End If
  Me.ADRZIP.Locked = False
End If

End Sub

Many thanks,
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First off, save yourself some code and make a function:
Function AddressItemChangeAllowed(FieldVar as whatevertype)
     'this says return true if security>=5 or the field is null or ""
     AddressChangeAllowed=((stSecurity>=5) OR ISNULL(FieldVar) OR FieldVar="")
End Function

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I'm not sure what you are passing so whatevertype should be replaced by the appropriate variable type.

Then you can call it like so:
me.ADRADDR.Locked= AddressItemChangeAllowed(Me.ADRADDR)
me.ADRZIP.Locked = AddressItemChangeAllowed(Me.ADRZIP)

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This is MUCH cleaner to deal with an non repetitive.

AS to your original code I think you might need ANDS.
If Not IsNull(Me.ADRADDR) AND Me.ADRADDR <> ""  Then       ‘this is the Address field

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I think SS is on to something.
If Not IsNull(Me.ADRST) Or Me.ADRST <> "" Then
If EITHER of the conditions is true, then the condition is true.   So Me.ADRST having ANY non-null value including "" (a ZLS) would satisfy the first condition so a ZLS wouldn't ever get to the second If.  There are two other ways to express this:
If Not (IsNull(Me.ADRST) Or Me.ADRST = "") Then

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If IsNull(Me.ADRST  Or Me.ADRST = "" Then
    'code here

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I actually like the second way.  I find that it is easier for people to express compound conditions in a positive way and also easier to understand them when they are read.
Another way that reduces the expression to a single condition is to concatenate a ZLS to the field and just check for ZLS.  When you concatenate a ZLS to a null, you get a ZLS.
If Me.ADRST & "" <> "" Then

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Why reinvent the wheel? Nz is here:

    If Nz(Me!ADRADDR.Value) <> "" Then    


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