In Exchange 2010 how to prevent voice mail from being deleted for 60 days

I have a 3rd party system used for phones/voicemail.  When people call a user, the user gets an email w/ wav file attached delivered to their mailbox.  Management would like to retain all voice mail in each user's mailbox for 60 days.  I need a way to prevent users from deleting those voicemails.  Also, I don't want to enable all users for legal hold to accomplish this.  If it matters, the message class for these emails is IPM.Note.I3Vox

Not sure it matters but I am migrating to Exchange 2013 within a month or so consequently any solution would need to be available in 2013 also.
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
There's no way to prevent users from deleting emails that are in their inbox.  By necessity and default they have full control of their items.

What you could do would be to set up a transport rule to forward copies of these messages to another mailbox for storage.

The drawback would be you would be increasing the size of your database to do this, but it would work.

No way to do prevent a user from deleting their own emails in Exchange 2013 as well.
AdvantageITAuthor Commented:
Thanks Scottcha.  The problem with that would be that if a user's manager needed to search VM's for a specific user, they'd then get access to everyone's VM's which is not going to work for us.
How about automatically moving all VM's to a subfolder (Voicemail) in a user's mailbox and remove their delete perms to it?  Only problem there would be doing it programmatically as we have thousands of users and high turnover.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Then the only way I can see to do this would be to have a "backup mailbox" for each user and have a transport rule for each user to send a copy of the VM to each specified mailbox.

Other than that your only other option would be to rely on backups to capture the emails at the end of the day.

This of course wouldn't work for voice messages that were received and deleted before the backup had a chance to run.

What you are specifically looking for is simply not possible.

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AdvantageITAuthor Commented:
That's pretty much what I suspected as I couldn't find a solution on my own.  I'll leave this open a few days in case someone has a novel approach to it.
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