Cisco RV320 VPN connection issues

Hello Experts, I am getting the following error on a Cisco RV320 when a Win 7 client pc is trying to connect via a pptp connection.   I am at a different location and I can connect...  any thoughts?

2015-08-21, 09:24:48 VPN Log [grpips0][1] ...xx.188.xx.102=== #1: [Tunnel Established] sent ModeCfg reply, established  
2015-08-21, 09:24:48 VPN Log [grpips0][1] ...xx.188.xx.102===? #1: [Tunnel Established] received XAUTH ack, established  
2015-08-21, 09:24:39 VPN Log [grpips0][1] ...xx.188.xx.102===? #1: [Tunnel Established] ISAKMP SA established  
2015-08-21, 09:24:39 VPN Log [grpips0][1] ...xx.188.xx.102===? #1: [Tunnel Authorize Fail] received Hash Payload does not match computed value
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Looks like an incorrect password.

That or the router in front of the client is modifying the packets.

PS: you do know PPTP is broken, right?

tucktechAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dan,   I was wrong, we are using Easy VPN which is more secure, I think... I see that there are known issues with split tunneling with this router that have not been resolved.

I removed the split tunneling and the user will try again later.

Also, I heard pptp was somewhat less secure but I did not realize how "broken" it was.  Thanks for the info.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
PPTP is a two step process.  Sounds like phase one is fine.  Phase two failures, assuming you have the correct user name and password, are usually due to blocked GRE.  Obviously if you can connect from another site it rules out it being blocked at the RV320 end, thus it may be due to the clients router, client's ISP, or security software on the connecting PC.

-See if the client's router has "PPTP pass-through" enabled.  Some routers do not support it at all
-Some ISP's block PPTP traffic, Comcast is one that used to on non-commercial accounts
-Many security apps like Symantic can block GRE

Are they using a wireless connection, 3G, or wired.  Wireless, especially 3G can be problematic with VPNs
On the client end in the VPN connection configuration under the Security tab select PPTP instead  of automatic as the type and check both boxes CHAP and CHAP v2

As tucktech stated, PPTP is a very insecure protocol.

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tucktechAuthor Commented:
Dan, yes PPTP is broken.  Thank you for making this more clear.

We are now using the VPN Client by Cisco at it works.

I did have to physically turn off the router and turn it on and then everything started working again.
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