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IPTV box

I am looking to build and subsequently sell a IPTV box. The purchase price should be approximately $100.00. My business model will include a monthly subscription of less than $15.00 per month or $150.00 per year recurring every year to sell in my shop. If the customer does not pay then the subscription stops.


Can we make a IPTV  box from Raspberry Pi, with XBMC which fits my objective.


Is something like this legal in USA and Canada

Another reference point is
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A. S. Burgess
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IPTV boxes are legal in USA and Canada, depending on what you plan to stream.  This is key, as you are not legally allowed to stream sources that are owned by other vendors/networks/etc.  If you're running a IPTV setup for a community base, or have approval from a local network, then you shouldn't run into any legal issues.

So the question is, are you trying to make a IPTV "player" or an IPTV "server"?  As a player, KODI (formally XBMC) is the best way to go, as you can easily put it on a Raspberry Pi using OpenElec for your application module.  There a tons of "unofficial" KODI applications that already have IPTV streaming setup (beware, some are legal, some are not).

Most IPTV streaming is consistent with configuring XML files linking streaming sources to server content.

If you're trying to run a IPTV server, you'll need a lot more than a Raspberry Pi to get you started.
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Thanks Burgess for the comment. I am looking to make and market iptv player boxes where the end customer is on a monthly subscription or pays one time.

Thanks again
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Thanks for the link
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Yes you can order iptv boxes and sell then even this iptv server is also using their own iptv boxes (pre-made from china).