User not able to connect to mailbox on SBS 2003 we go.

First of all this is SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003.  (I know......)

This case came across my desk as a new user that was create did not have an associated email account.

I verified this to be the case and did an update on the Recipient Update Service.  Now when I create a user, both the account and mailbox are created.

The issue I'm running into is that after the mailbox is created, the user cannot connect to it.

I have rebooted the server, had another user log onto this workstation to rule out that as an issue.

I can connect to the mailbox and successfully send/receive using OWA when directly on the server.  The user cannot connect to the mailbox via OWA from his workstation.

I've been scouring both EE and the internet for 2 weeks trying to find a solution to no avail.

The only thing I haven't tried that I saw worked for one person was to run ESEUTIL and ISINTEG on the Exchange DB.  This really isn't an option as my customer doesn't have the storage space and can't have their email system down for that long unless I am 100% sure this will fix the issue.

The other thing I haven't been able to get the user to try is to sign onto another machine with his credentials to see if it's an issue with his Windows profile.  I'm working on that now.

If anybody has something else please let me know.
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Scott CSenior EngineerAsked:
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what is the error getting when trying to connect?
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Here it is.
i dont see any
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Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Sorry.  Can't get it to attach.  Here is the exact text from the box.

"The name cannot be resolved.  The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."

SBS Connection ErrorCapture.JPG
its the network issue kindly check the network if he is able to ping the exchange servers or not.

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Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
It's not a network issue.  A different user on the same machine can connect successfully to their Exchange mailbox.

Yes, he can ping the Windows/Exchange server.  It's SBS.  Exchange is installed on the Windows 2003 server.
OK then can you please check the properties of that user on exchange if OWA, Outlook is enabled?
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes, OWA is enabled.  I can log into his email account using OWA from the server, but not his workstation.
kindly check the propery of the user in ADUC if below is allowed under  security

"Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object "
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes, it is checked.
Is the user is having permissions to his mailbox? you are trying to configure automaticaly by autodiscover. can you check the settings on the working and then try to do same on this machine
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes, he has full rights to his mailbox.
Also check if the user is available in GAL? make sure that user is not hidden in GAL
Please Enable "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP"  and then in Exchange Proxy Settings:

Please enter the webmail domain i.e

Check the Connect using SSL Box, connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate


Basic authentication  for "use this authentication when connecting to my proxy server for Exchange"
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Nope.  Not hidden from any Exchange address lists.
Are you able to find the user in GAL?
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes.  When I'm in OWA on the server, I can see him n the GAL and the name resolves.
Kindlly refer the link to to make registry changes on the machine. Also did you perform the above steps which gave earlier to use proxy
I ran into a similar situation and ended realizing that the individual had WIFI turned on that was getting a Public IP outside of the firewall while being connected to the domain via the LAN.

Just a suggestion!
Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
I'll give that a shot.  It is a laptop.

Scott CSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Turns out it was a network issue.  When I was finally able to get the user to connect to the network using a cable instead of the Wi-Fi, he was able to get to his account.

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