Upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Volume Licensed Windows 10 Professional

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Greetings. We have an end user who bought an ultrabook with Windows 10 Home on it.  We have volume licensing for Windows 10 Professional.

If / when we attempt to run the installer from USB/DVD, will we be able to upgrade the existing Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional (volume licensed edition) ?

Thanks much.
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If you are a school you should be ok - just install.

If you are a business, you cannot upgrade home to pro with VL.  You'll need to buy a pro license for it through non-VL channels (retail).

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I think the Upgrade term is what at issue is.
is the windows 10 Pro Volume license an install entitlement or an upgrade?
i.e. having had windows 7 VL, you obtained Windows 10 Upgrade VL?

windows 10 home OEM should use the just in time upgrade......
Especially since it is a personal system you could wipe and clean install based on the VL, note once the person leaves, the VL license will leave with ...
I suggest you call and talk to MS support on this.
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Upgrading no. Clean install entering the VL Key with the VL media yes.
There is no OEM Home to VL upgrade pathway.
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Let me be clear, based on my understanding of the license, there is NO LEGAL WAY (EXCEPT for schools) to install Windows 10 Pro on a computer that shipped with Windows 7 Home or Windows 8 (non-pro).  NO LEGAL WAY.  And we can only provide answers to do things legally.  Upgrade, clean, it doesn't matter.


Thanks for the clarification.  We are a non-profit and obtained the "Get Genuine" Windows 10 License through TechSoup. Unfortunately, this is the Full version of Windows 10 Pro that can *replace* Windows 10 Home.  We weren't aware of this.  We wound up spending the $99 to an on-demand upgrade from W10 Home, which took all of 5 minutes to complete.  Thanks Lee, and thanks everyone else for the clarification.

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