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Outlook Appointments Disappear

My client uses Exchange 2010 and for the past 2 months, one of the users has appointments disappearing.  So far, I have tried the following:
- recreate her outlook profile
- recreate her domain profile on another computer
- create a new mailbox entirely
- starting Outlook in safemode

Nothing seems to work, I create a simple test appointment, count to 10, and it disappears right in front of my eyes
This behaviour is on a shared calendar, her own works fine.
Any suggestions to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated
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A little more information:
- I removed all the add-ons and I get the same results
- I modified the view to list view and the appointment is no where to be found
- the user who has this issue does not synch the calendar with anyone and as it is a shared folder, it is not synched on any devices
Remove shared access on calendar first, then check. It seems whom you have given access on calendar that user may have any rule which is deleting such appointments.

removing shared access on calendar will isolate this hope of issue. next is check if there are any  inbox is configured.

If you dont find rule in outlook use MFCMAPI client to check if there is any corrupted rule follow this article for hidden rules.
Just so I understand:
- you want me to remove all accesses to the calendar except for this one user
- also, what is MFCMAPI client?

Just keep access of owner on this calendar and remove all other's access with whom it is shared.

MFCMAPI client a tool which can mount OST structure where you can see all Rules and other metadata. Follow given article and try it.
The sharing is done on the Exchange server, so I opened the shared calendar's on another workstation and gave the user with the issue owner access on the calendar, directly on the account.
I am now able to create appointments that do not disappear, however, the appointment does not appear on other computers.  Not even o the computer on which I opened the mailbox for the shared calendar, or any other calendar.
More information.  When I create an appointment in the shared calendar from the outlook profile with the problem, the appointment no longer disappears, however, it takes more than 30 minutes to show up on the other computers
Any ideas?
that outlook may have cache issue. change e-mail account to online mode.
I unchecked the offline folder for the user that has the issue, do I need to remove it from other users as well?
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A little bit out of left field but is she using an iPhone?

I have had a very similar issue before it it was related to IOS but I can't find the article I am referring too.

I would remove all accounts from her phone if she has an iPhone and see if the issue resolves itself. I think last time it was a matter of updating the phone to the latest version of IOS and then recreating the account on the phone and making sure iCloud was not turned on for that calendar.
I had to remove the cached exchange mode on the calendar's owner and the user who was having the issue
thank you for your help