Calculated field in Access 2010

What I have:
A  table with the fields as described below:
Product ID, Description, Cost, Price1, Price2

What I want to do:
1. I want to create a calculated field in a query that will meet the following criteria:
Price1= cost * 4.2
Everything is rounded to the nearest $5.
If the result is less than $5, the minimum charge is $5.
If the product id starts with  "X" (it could be X3000-S090-B or whatever the case might be),  the minimum charge is $25.

Price2 field has the same requirements, just a different markup like 5.6

2. Make a new table with the results above in a separate query

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Add the following to your query:

Price1: IIf(Round([COST]*4.2/5)*5<IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),Round([COST]*4.2/5)*5)

Price2: IIf(Round([COST]*5.6/5)*5<IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),Round([COST]*5.6/5)*5)

Another option is with the use of a custom function like so:
Public Function GetPrice(dCost As Double, dFactor As Double, sProductID As String, iRoundToNearest As Integer) As Double
    Dim dRound As Double
    dRound = Round(dCost * dFactor / iRoundToNearest) * iRoundToNearest
    mincharge = IIf(sProductID Like "X*", 25, 5)
    If dRound < mincharge Then
        GetPrice = mincharge
        GetPrice = dRound
    End If

End Function

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Then you can just use these in your query:
Price1: GetPrice([cost],4.2,[ProductID],5)
Price2: GetPrice([cost],5.6,[ProductID],5)

thao-nhiAuthor Commented:
Price1: IIf(Round([COST]*4.2/5)*5<IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),Round([COST]*4.2/5)*5)

The round up formula doesn't seem to work. In many cases, it actually rounds down
ex: When cost = 4, the query with the above formula gives Price1 = 15 whereas the ceiling function in Excel: Ceiling (x,5) gives the correct results = 20

4      4*4.2 =16.8      20

how to fix this?
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You didn't say anything about rounding up.  All you said was "rounded to the nearest $5"

To round up, you need to add .5 to the equation like so:
Price1: IIf(Round([COST]*4.2/5+.5)*5<IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),IIf([ProductID] Like "X*",25,5),Round([COST]*4.2/5+.5)*5)

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Or line 4 in the function needs to be revised like so:
dRound = Round(dCost * dFactor / iRoundToNearest +.5) * iRoundToNearest

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thao-nhiAuthor Commented:
thank you
thao-nhiAuthor Commented:
A little fine tuning please

larger numbers do not seem to like the formula:

Ex: 41 cost , price1 is 170?
It works fine on mine.  I'm assuming you're using the formula and not the function.  There are 2 places there that you needed to add .5 to.  Just copy and paste the formula I gave you.

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