Adobe Illustrator CS6 Unable to Open File

On Windows 8.1 I had installed Adobe CS6 Master Collection and updated all Adobe products to latest versions within CS6.  I had created a business card using Adobe Illustrator.  All went fine and I had printed the business card.

Just a week ago I had done a fresh install of Windows 10 and re-installed Adobe CS6 Master Collection including all updates to latest version with CS6.

Now when I try to open the same business card, I get the following error:

"The file xxxxxxxxx was generated by a newer version of Illustrator.  Would you like to import this file.  Some data loss may occur"

When I click YES, I get a blank shape of the business card but no content.

Unusual thing is that I had created multiple versions of the business card as I was enhancing and modifying.  Previous old versions of the business card opens just fine on Windows 10 with CS6.  It's just that the latest and final version of the business card is failing to open and giving me the error message.

I am stumped.  I only have version and xxxxxxx.png version of the file.  But obviously I am not able to modify anything in png version.  So what solution do I have?  I definitely don't want to edit previous version because I had modified tremendously and I would have no idea on the dimensions or other elements that I need to modify in the business card.

How do I fix this and why am I getting this error message.  Nothing has changed except for the fact that I went from Windows 8.1 to fresh install of Windows 10.  I do not have EPS versions or any other format except for AI and PNG.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can you uninstall and reinstall CS6? (Restart in between). I had to uninstall / reinstall Adobe Acrobat V2015 (DC) after upgrading to Windows 10. Do you have a backup of the file if you need it?  You may be OK after reinstall.
XL2015Author Commented:
Uninstalling and reinstalling will not be easy as there are several components and registry entries that will be left behind and I will continue to have problems.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You may need to consider reinstalling however. Windows 10 upgrades are a major change (so I have found out).
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XL2015Author Commented:
The only backup I have is the AI version which I am trying to open.

As mentioned. Windows 10 is fresh install and so is CS6
XL2015Author Commented:
I did not upgrade Windows 10 on top of Windows 8.1. It is a fresh install.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Sorry, I thought you upgraded from a fresh install of Windows 8.

CS6 is not new and may not be Windows 10 compliant. You need to try Creative 2015 (if it will fill your needs).
XL2015Author Commented:
But Illustrator opens other version of my business card just fine. I have 3 other versions of the card created within 3 weeks apart. All opens fine except the last and final version
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am not sure. I know that Windows 10 changed the way some of my software runs and I fixed by reinstalling or upgrading to a newer version .
XL2015Author Commented:
Somehow I am not ready to uninstall and reinstall. It will be a disaster uninstalling Master Suite. Might as well reinstall Windows. Lol
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
There is a chance that file is damaged.

If it's not secret, you can attach it and I'll try to open it in CS6.

LE: if you open an .ai file with a text editor, somewhere in the first lines you'll see the version it was created with. Something like this:
Saved As v.13 Created by v.13.0.1
<xap:CreatorTool>Adobe Illustrator CS3</xap:CreatorTool>
XL2015Author Commented:
No secret. It's just a business card but at present I am installing Windows 8.1 on my VMWare and then will install CS6 and then try it out if I can open the file. I hope to have some answer later today or tomorrow.
XL2015Author Commented:
Ok. Could not open file on Windows 8.1 with CS6. Still same error. So the problem seems to be in the file.

My next step is to download the latest trial version of Illustrator and see if I can open and save in previous versions including saving it in different formats.

Hope to have answer in next couple days.
XL2015Author Commented:
I installed the latest Illustrator from Adobe site and I am able to open the file just fine.

Good thing is that file was not corrupt.
Uninstalling CS6 and reinstalling would have not helped either.
Bad thing is not sure why Adobe is considering this as new version when I had originally created the file in CS6.

Thanks for everyone's help but I solved my own problem.

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