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I have a requirement to tape a 1 hour video/audio Webconference that results in about 30 mb. of Data.  When I then publish it into a MP4 or WMV format, it "explodes" into a 200mb or larger file.  Furthermore, when I use Microsoft Movie Maker to do this act, it gets about 73% done and stops.  I have downloaded several "free" programs to do this conversion and when I do, they too get 2/3rds the way through and then want $50 to buy the upgrade.  Does anyone have any ideas where to get Freeware or something that actually works to do this type of conversion/compression?

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:

Also, what format is your data in?  If you're going from 30Mb to 200Mb you may be defeating yourself by converting.  The only possible reason for converting is if the data is in a not so common form that people can't access.

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Freemake Video Converter ( is an excellent tool. But you must be careful to uncheck all the boxes for extra stuff when you install...
Lets look around for the best formats.
Youtube 720p video is 15fps .5Mbps, while standard HD TV is 2.5Mbps and 24 or 30 Fps.

First makes your file exactly those 200MB you get. (in handbrake - H264 profile 4.1 used by HDTV, and decoded by any video card out there, and by any HTML5 browser)

You scale down to 360 you get 50MB file
You scale down to 240 you get 20MB file
In either case users will complain about pixelation.

MP2 codec (like DVD) will make 5-10x bigger file at equal quality.
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I use Aimersoft's "Ultimate Video Converter." I hope this will help you.

Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Handbrake is fantastic.  If it isn't in a format handbrake can handle try xmedia recode (portable version is excellent ).
To compress a 1hr video/audio web conference down to just 30mb will result in terrible quality. Unwatchable & incomprehensible quality.

I suggest reading:
Since the programs you tried seem to stop halfway lets find out why first.
Is there a space problem or lack of ram on your system?
Lots of stuff open while converting?
When converting leave your system alone and have only that program running.
Good idea to run a disc cleanup
Windows moviemaker can convert it for email that is really small
I really like and use among others
 The Free Divx converter and it has no adware like freemake
 easy as  to use, it offers many outputs but more importantly the video scale. A video scale determines some of the output size but more importantly so does the audio format used . Try and use mp3 audio to reduce the output size
Divx comes in a bundle of 4 different tools including the Converter
or just get the converter
DIVX converter
Bright01Author Commented:

Thank you for all of the great suggestions.  Here's where I am.  Plenty of space on the harddrive.

I did download Handbrake and it did a nice job converting my video/audio file (WMV).....however, it didn't give me any editing capabilities.  Specifically, I need to start the video 3 min. into it and crop it at the end by about 3 minutes.  I can again, do this in Movie Maker but not in Handbrake.  So as I get my mind around this process..... I need to record, then edit a WMV file, then publish the file in a MP4 format for others to see.

Any comments?

dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Once you open source video in handbrake there is a field letting you choose chapters.
Change field type to "seconds" and voila!
I save my edited video to mp4 in windows moviemaker version 2012 build 16
 it used to be called WLMM but after this update it becomes windows moviemaker again
So you see you can actually do it all in WMM. After the updated MM I also had to update my video card drivers from Nvidia
Windows Live Moviemaker save to mp4
Confirm if you must compress a 1 hr video/audio web conference down to just 30 mb ?
As I stated before I do not think this tiny size is practical.
Bright01Author Commented:
Thanks guys!  Great comments.  Not enough points to go all the way around.  I'm using and happy with Handbrake.  Got it to work and work well.

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