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SQL - populating a grid with text data

I have 2 tables. tblGrid and tblPartsMemberPlays. (See attached)
User generated imageUser generated imageI'm trying to populate tblGrid with data from tblPartsMemberPlays in a 'cross tab' way.

I tried
UPDATE tblGrid
SET tblGrid.Vocal1 = tblPartsMemberPlays.Member
WHERE tblGrid.TheID = tblPartsMemberPlays.TheID AND tblPartsMemberPlays.Part = 'Vocal1'

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Where I hoped to repeat this for as many 'Parts' there is. ie. Vocal1, Vocal2, Vocal3...

I get this error
User generated image
1. what am I doing wrong?
2. is there a better SQL statement for achieving my goal?

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Of course! Silly me!
Thanks Savic!
Happy to assist.