Without rendering if we need to add a logo and watermark whats that called?

Without rendering if we need to add a logo and watermark whats that called?

I need to inform freelancers to create this for me and i am not sure whats that called

Goal is to add logo and watermark into my videos without rendering... Is there a name for this design .mov format file?
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Chris MillardCommented:
I'm sure it's just called "watermarking" regardless of whether it's text or logo
mtthompsonsAuthor Commented:
Ok should it be a video file or jog? to use it throughout a video without rendering?
David BruggeCommented:
There is no term that is universally understood and others would understand and agree on. They should understand, "add a logo and watermark." "Watermark it" as Chris suggested is clear enough, but if you say, "Logo it, too," there's no telling what you would end up with.

If your logo and water mark is static, that is, it does not move, then a high quality jpeg is suitable. If there is movement to the logo, then a video file would be the way to go.
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mtthompsonsAuthor Commented:
Has anyone done this before

So i have a jpg image over layer on the video in File cut pro and it should show through out the video?
Chris MillardCommented:
Here is just one of a number of videos that show you how to add a watermark (with transparent background) to a video in FCP


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Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerCommented:
@mtthompsons - essentially what you said is correct. One thing to note with your response, is that jpgs are not transparent (meaning there will be a white background which fills out the size of your jpg). This might alter the quality of your video.

A "watermark" as you might traditionally see it is a transparent image (png would be easy) so as not to detract from the focus of the video.
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