rsync from linux to cygwin on windows

Need to rsync from linux box to local windows. Have cygwin installed but after file transfer the CHOWN is ADMIN:ADMIN.
I need to preserve the original ownership from the linux server, i.e. for mysql files would be mysql:mysql.
Is there a way to accomplish this with any rsync option? Options -og do not preserve the ownership.
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
If you want to create a backup and rsync that to Windows, I suggest you create a tar file first on your Linux machine and then rsync that to Windows. Windows does not know of your (local) Linux accounts so I believe you will not get that to work the way you think it would.
nerkoniAuthor Commented:
That is what I thought too. So I could just tar the whole / directory, right?
Once is rsync-ed over to my PC, I would just delete it. Should not be too big, some 5-6 GBs.
In that case I would exclude the /backup dir since I am already making a backup.
Any suggestions which other directories to exclude from the tar file?
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
I would not tar the whole / directory - this would mean your complete file system.

I would just tar your 'mysql' directory and then rsync that tar file to the destination (or just SFTP it).

Check the backup/tar by copying it back so you know you get the correct ownership etc.
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Making a tarfile may give you an option for getting the permissions you want carried over, but it completely defeats one of the main advantages of rsync which is transmitting (hopefully) only the parts of files that have changed.

You can specify a login name as part of the destination for rsync, but that may not work if your mysql account isn't allowed to login or authenticate.
nerkoniAuthor Commented:
Maybe I was not clear in my initial question. I would like to copy the entire server either to cygwin or local virtual machine. If I do it to my windows box which uses cygwin, I will loose the original file/dir permissions from my server since local machine does not know about these accounts.
How could I create an image (i.e. ISO) to use it for booting my virtual machine on my windows box?
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
>How could I create an image (i.e. ISO) to use it for booting my virtual machine on my windows box?
That is a complete different question, not something you can do with rsync. I suggest you delete this question and ask a new one.
You said rsync in your question, but now you describe wanting to run a virtual image of the Linux system. For that, you'd want to do a P2V or V2V conversion so that the contents of the Linux system end up intact in whatever form or package (probably a VHD?)  your Windows system likes to find its VM guests in.

If nothing else presents itself, you could still use rsync, but between two Linux live CD-based supervisors, one booted in the context the the source system and a second booted in the context of the target VM guest. Contents of the filesystems from one transfer intact to the contents of the filesystems of the other. You may need to make a few additional adjustments (something that P2V software takes care of for you) to accommodate the different (virtual) hardware environment that will be experienced by the new target machine.

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nerkoniAuthor Commented:
My bad. I gave an example of MySQL directory and forgot to mention that I want the whole server copied over to my local machine.
I already have a copy of MySQL on my machine and my next step is to copy everything else as I wanted to keep it in sync with the server.
On top of that I need to be able to use same environment on local machine for local development.
Sorry for the confusion.
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