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Sheldon Livingston
Sheldon Livingston used Ask the Experts™
I have an existing website in Joomla 2.5.28.

I'd like to tweak it to be more responsive based on viewport/device.

For example, I'd like the horizontal menu to fall veritcle on smartphones.

I see a "mobile menu" option... is there a way to utilize it?
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Gaurav SinghSolutions Architect

there are responsive templates for Jhoomla which you will need to use. please perform a backup of everything before making any changes.

Refer below link
Web Designer & Developer
Hello Classnet,
Joomla 2.5 is the previous version of Joomla, which was supported until December 31, 2014. so my suggestion is that since you will undertake some revamp of the site... why not upgrade it to Joomla 3x?

means you will be spending time/money anyways to make it responsive, spending it on the upgrade is more logical and makes more sense.

please read this guide to assess if you will be able to migrate on your own (layman cannot do it... you need some know-how in HTML, CSS and how Joomla works)

this is a paid Extension (I have not personally used but looks good as per description and reviews.):

The important things to consider when you plan to upgrade Joomla 2.5 to 3 are:
1) Check if the extensions/plugins/components used in the 2.5 site are compatible to upgrade.
2) you may have to make changes to your template files to make it work in Joomla 3x

If you can give the link to your site, I can take a look at it and give some more suggestions.


If you are not conversant with Joomla / HTML / CSS and Responsive sites in general, I will suggest you ask some professional to do the upgrade for you. if the site is not too complicated, it will not cost too much.

let me know your views.
Sheldon LivingstonConsultant


Good advice... thank you

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