Win 10 Losing Internet when in sleep mode and returns with a 169.254.xx.xx

This started happening after win 10 install.  When computer wakes I usually have a yellow triangle over the monitor with pitch fork icon.  ipconfig shows 169.254.xx.xx.   Release and renew don't work and only way to reconnect to internet is to recycle modem.  TW says everything is perfect on their part, but did replace the Arris modem router combo.  It happened every time before, now only happens most of the time.

Computer is home made with Asus MB and AMD Chip and 64 GB memory (don't think it is a shortage of memory issue)
Computer is hard wired to modem/router
Realtek controller removed, reinstalled and updated many times
ipconfig switches don't release or renew ip
have tried all the ports on router and changed cables
Power settings have been changed to to give and take away control with not change in behavior
browser had no impact

Any other ideas?

There has to be someone else out there with same issue, but I am having trouble finding any solutions to this that apply to my exact issues.

Thanks ahead of time for help.  I might be slow to respond after I leave my computer as i broke my ankle and it is still a pain to get around.

Pat O'BrienPastorAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
This does not happen on my Windows 10 machine. Two things:

1. Make sure the wireless NIC / wired NIC has not been set to turn OFF to save power Look in Power Management properties.

2. See if new drivers are available from the manufacturer. I had to upgrade Network and other drivers after upgrade to Windows 10. Check for BIOS and Chipset drivers as well.

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169.254.x.x reflects an issue with dhcp.

unplug the ethernet cable from the system, or disable the wifi, then reattach/reenable.

see whether you have error messages on the modem?
another option, configure your system to not go to sleep.

does your system get a public or private ip? what is the dhcp lease time configuration?
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
Realtek just released a new driver on 8/18/15.  I was going to say, I said I did all that and thought, I have not checked in a few days, and sure enough there is a new one there.  I am leaving after update, we will see if that fixes it.

not as hopeful as I was as the driver date is the same as one I had previously installed.

Will update later.
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Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:

Driver didn't work, I have have not touched the DHCP setting on Arris.  I will try to disable WiFi and see if that helps.

Thanks, but system not sleeping seem an extreme fix.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It could be the base computer is not Windows 10 compliant. Let us know about disabling Wi-Fi

What about BIOS, Chipset as suggested and also look for power management drivers (system driver)

If nothing works, you may need to avoid suspend.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
Arnold and John,

I just left for a few hours and all was good.   My setting are correct on nic, see attached.

TW says this has to be in my system, but lack of others having same issue is confusing.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
two restarts with dreaded yellow triangle and 169.254.xx.xx
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
It seems longer computer is asleep, less chance of it waking up without yellow triangle of frustration...
The issue is how DHCP works.
when computer goes to sleep it maintains the IP/DNS information.
When it wakes up, it might see  that the lease expired or it automatically tries to check on its status.  The reason for the yellow triagle could be  that the system tries to renegotiate the IP before the wireless device is "active"  meaning when the DHCP process was being hndled the wifi device was not ready to transmit/receive.
running a repair disabling the wifi and reenabling it should resolve the issue with the status.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
i hardwired, and tried all your suggestions including ipconfig /renew and /release and nothing.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
OK Problem solved!  Reading both your comments got me got me to the solution.  I had an Apply Time capsule hardwired to router.  I have had WAPs plugged into other WAPS with no issue, but for some reason with the ATC it was confusing the primary router.  I have to leave it on, or it doesn't do backup on macbook.  I had to change bridged mode to off and all was good.  So  I will split points between you both if that is OK?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and so then please close as you wish. No problem.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
Just came to close and it is doing it again.  Going to plug time capsule.  This is crazy!
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