How do I get back the ability to activate Outlook on a new computer?

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I put Outlook on my laptop and then decided to uninstall it.  But now I can't active the product key on a new device.  How can I get it freed up to use on a new device?
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If you are getting an error that the key has been previously activated you can choose to call the telephone number and answer their questions and if they approve they will give you an activation key. One scenario is if this key was previously install on this computer and you rebuilt it.

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It depends on the version of Outlook. If Outlook 2010 or below, call Microsoft Support, explain the situation and ask them to re-activate.

If Outlook 2013 or above, log into the Microsoft Live site, enter the email address you activated with and unregister the copy that you uninstalled.

Either way, either version should get you back in operation.
If you have an OEM version, officially, you don't have the right to activate it again (it's in the fine print, the EULA), on anything other than the original install/activation (in this case, the laptop).
Usually the retail version don't annoy you that much with activation problems (unless clearly abused, like installing 20 times on different machines), so that's why I think you might have an OEM version.
If it is indeed 2013, the above solution is correct (log in with the account you activated it with)

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